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Banner Impressions eXchange

Launched June, 2020


Now you can connect with entrepreneurs, techies, crypto nerds, artists, innovators, musicians and professional members, through BIX (Banner Impressions eXchange).   BIX was launched June 1st, 2020, and Impressions sellers are offering special introductory pricing! While we just launched BIX, Markethive’s website has been around for almost 8 years.   BIX has significant value for you, thanks to the excellent ‘introductory’ pricing only available for a short time. With BIX, you now you can promote your brand to our sophisticated members and curious visitors in virtually every country on the planet at incredible prices!


We offer a unique top of page larger than average banner, with the unique feature that you can purchase any number of impressions from 1 impression to millions of impressions!  The impressions can be purchased using Markethive’s own Cryptocurrency as well as a number of Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, making them easy to purchase. The Seller choses the payment options for each listing, but you can always negotiate with them for other payment options. According to recent Alexa statistics, our site visitors are spending over 9 minutes on the site per day (6/27/20). Alexa also ranks #5,331 in global engagement as of June 27, 2020. You cannot achieve these high rankings without a solid website and very loyal members.


Typical sites offering banner advertising, require you to purchase the banner for the full month which is prohibitive for most very small businesses and even many small businesses.  We do things completely different, because we are selling varying amounts of Banner impressions across our network of sites. This enables businesses & individuals to be able to have their Banner advertisement(s) in that coveted top of page position while remaining within their budget. Everyone can benefit from our awesome Banner Impressions eXchange, because of the versatility!


Markethive membership is free forever and it provides a valuable inbound marketing platform, commerce portals and a social network where users can learn, engage, expand markets and be introduced to trusted providers.   Markethive develops in demand services, provides education, mentoring, direction, and professional services.


Our reach (March 2020 data)


12.9 M Monthly Unique Visitors

64.9 M Monthly Pageviews

62.2 K Social Followers

90.8 K Subscribers


You will be able to build powerful campaigns that will be able to reach almost every country in the world, using our: existing services, services being built, and also planned services.

BIX - Banner Impressions eXchange

BIX is an unusually large 960 x 80 banner service that offers millions of impressions for sale each month. Because BIX just launched June 1st, 2020, sellers are offering low introductory prices!

Social Newsfeed Boost (currently in development):

Present your message to all active members in the News Feed

Newsletter Sponsorship (planned feature):

Raise brand and product awareness among our global subscribers.

Press Release (currently in development):

Markethive press release system will publish to over 1,700 news sites, our social followers and our heavily trafficked sites & over 15k members’ WP sites.

Sponsored Articles (planned feature):

Markethive is a digital media publisher platform where many writers publish, follow and attract traffic as well as our own writing staff.

Gamified Video Advertising (planned feature):

Your sponsored video randomly floats across the members dashboard rewarding them with coins and prizes for catching and watching the video.


Other features are already planned but not announced.


How to reach our global audience:

Connect with passionate users across our network via our BIX service, launched June 1st, 2020.  The average user comes to Markethive to learn how to build an Inbound Marketing campaign, promote their services, connect with other members, learn how to earn Cryptocurrency, to discover products & services to purchase, and more.   This makes Markethive a ‘hive’ filled with eager Entrepreneurial oriented prospective customers for your offers.


Markethive is a solid website with significant traffic built up over the years it has been online.   Markethive’s predecessors began about 20 years ago, and so Markethive’s management team has extensive experience and the network of Markethive sites have more fully developed features. The vision of Markethive has been refined and improved during that time. In other words Markethive is not the new kid on the block, but rather a mature, stable, experienced company and network of sites that provides a significant number of high end features, benefits, and services for its memb4ers.


Introduce your offer to users passionate about crypto. Recruit our very entrepreneurial traffic into your affiliate programs.   BIX program delivers a large 960 x 80 banner at the top of all pages across Markethive’s network of sites.


We live in a time of disruption, some innovation, some natural and some political.   Markethive is an agent of change and disruption and many refer to Markethive as a Next Generation multi social SAAS (Software As A Service) commerce and media platform.


Markethive has developed 2 significant engines driving the platform into world prominence, those engines being traffic and subscribers.   The 3rd engine Markethive has brought to the market is our Banner Impressions eXchange (BIX).   This robust system delivers to the media buyer a transparent value for their impressions in a marketplace where buyer and seller agree upon the quantity and price of the impressions.   This ensures open market principles, allowing the media buyer to buy impressions from the exchange like buying Crypto coins in a coin exchange.   The market sets the price, and you can even negotiate the rate with the seller privately.


What does that mean?

This means the CPM you pay is based on the market setting the price based on demand, effectiveness and availability.   In other words, you will only pay what the market will bear and that assures you are getting the price determined on the value that represents how effective the traffic is.


Traffic impressions are like electricity, in that they cannot be stored, they can only be used during the month they are valid.   As with other time sensitive products or commodities the rate or cost is determined by the utility at a set rate, as is the case across the world or as is now that case the price is determined in the exchange based on supply and demand, making its value determined by the demand and effectiveness.


This also means third party sites can join the Markethive BIX exchange to put their impressions up for sale based on the same principle of supply and demand and the free market driving the value accordingly.   Welcome to BIX by Markethive. 


Join Markethive now, so you can gain access to BIX right away.   Markethive is totally free to join and you also gain access to a comprehensive “Inbound Marketing System” valued at well over $3000 per month! Markethive is not only free forever, but the Inbound Marketing System is also free forever!  You are gaining so much by joining Markethive, so it makes sense to join right away.  Once you join you will be automatically added to a group called “Your Starting Point” and it will help you learn about all that Markethive has to offer and how you can best help you and your business activities.


BIX is only available to Markethive members, so join Markethive for FREE and purchase your first Banner impressions today. 


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