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What is debt dispute?

Few Americans are aware of their right to question the validity of their alleged debts. Under certain federal laws and uniform banking law, or commercial code, the consumers have a right to question debt collectors who claim they are representing the lender. The debt collector must then provide proof they actually own the debt.  They must also prove the consumer actually has an obligation to the debt collector under an express contract with that debt collector.  If the debt collector cannot prove the validity of the debt, they have no substantial proof of claim.

Debt dispute is the action of disputing presumptive claims by unscrupulous third party debt collectors.  Infinity Consumer Services advocates for the People unlike many legal representatives who charge high rates to make a deal with debt collectors which not only costs the consumer money for legal representation, but causes the consumer to pay more money than the original debt in many cases.  Most legal firms will tell the consumer they owe the debt.  If federal law states a consumer has a right to question the validity of the debt, why are legal representatives telling consumers they owe the debt and playing let’s make a deal with your money rather than advocating for your rights?

At Infinity Consumer Services, we do NOT sell consumer’s rights away…we stand for them!  We are NOT attorneys.  We do NOT practice law.  We do NOT give legal advice.  We educate and advocate for your rights with a unique dispute program unlike any other company out there claiming to do debt invalidation.

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