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As the Finger wrote on the wall "You have been weight and found wanting"....Time is running out.

It is getting to be beyond time running out for people here and around the world to rethink about what is really going on and what is in our best interest, leave the brainwashing attitude about metal, finances and a debt bases system. The trend is now a move to the world of the Entrepreneur who think of freedom for all.  Un-load yourself of dependency, debt and entitlement thinking!

Read between the lines of  the infomation below and consider... What is really going on?

New York investment bank Goldman Sachs has picked up 466,000 ounces of gold from cash-strapped Ecuador.

According to the South American nation's central bank, Goldman acquired 1,165 gold bars, worth roughly $580 million at today's ruling price.
Ecuador under socialist President Rafael Correa is seeking sources of cash "after borrowing more than $11 billion from China since defaulting on $3.2 billion of foreign debt five years ago," reports Bloomberg.
Ecuador’s is the only country on the continent using the US dollar as currency and the central bank explained it "invested" the gold with Goldman in exchange for more liquid assets.
The country will get the gold back within three years and the central bank expects to turn a profit of as much as $20 million on the transaction without explaining how.

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The Age Of The Entrepreneur

Who Doesn't Want Debt?

Saw you on Facebook. Thought I would come and concur. I am a warrior for Yah and with His will will leverage a lot of people to salvation. One at a time if necessary.
May 3, 2016 at 10:22pm
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