Posted by Richard Garcia on June 08, 2016 - 5:57pmEdited 6/8 at 6:04pm

In a pot of soup a lot of ingredients have settled to the bottom, out of sight, until stirred.  With many conversation or relationships there maybe things unsaid or overlooked.  As a consequence a lot of issues/resentments/obligations can drop out of sight if nobody mentions them. One can ‘stir the pot’ to bring issues to the surface, hopefully to create awareness and effect change.

That is what is happening now …the pot is being stirred at home and worldwide. It will be disruptive to everyone. Welcome it. fear not and see the opportunities!

The MarketHive Alpha Legacy Phase launched is ending soon. Your opportunity to be a part of what is shaping up to be the biggest event to occur within the industry of Internet Marketing is literally passing through your eyes right now. The most powerful Inbound Marketing system that's integrated within a state of the art Social Network ever built is now passing the "Soft Launch". This 4 year project that was initially funded by over $500,000 of investment capital from serious entrepreneurs from around the world. Heading up the development and release is the founder who's also known as the Godfather and Originator of Automated Marketing from over 20+ years ago name Mr. Thomas Prendergast along with his state of the art engineering department.

You know many business and personal social networks out there right now, don’t you? You probably use one, two or e few of them, haven't you? These networks all started from somewhere and now are worth millions if not billions of dollars that you can’t get a dime from them, can you? What if this new Inbound Marketing Social platform is as successful as the others? How would you feel knowing you had an opportunity to receive your share of the company incoming multiple revenue streams for years to come but missed out all because you never took a few minutes to take a free look inside?

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