Posted by Richard Garcia on May 02, 2016 - 6:47pm Edited 5/13 at 7:42pm

We were on a gold/silver backed currency for years. Then we were told all kinds of stories coming from PHD's like from the likes of University of Chicago -- Keynesian economics

 Of how monetary policy which reduces interest rates is thought to stimulate economic activity, i.e. "grow the economy," and why it is called expansionary monetary policy. So they sold us this idea that metals based financial system was slowing the growth of countries and then the world.

One of the many result was to turn the folks into consumers who go to their graves winner because they consumed the most.  I guess somehow you can take it with you.

Today change is in the wind. But be aware the after the REACTION those that gave us the SOLUTIONS to our PROBLEMS where the same ones that caused the current state of affairs. Today it is not just the USA facing financial collapse it is worldwide. Be eyes wide open to solutions from every corner.

Address the problems you are locked into now….it is the debt load that is causing us to live pay check to check.  Focus on solutions that resolve any unsecured debts and be open to the opportunities to free yourself from depending on a job for your pay check.  Meet with like mind folks who are committed to your goal for a better life.

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