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We have had a century of one war after another!

World War I July 1914 to 11 November 1918 President Thomas Woodrow Wilson - Progressive Movement, bolstered by his Democratic Party

World War II Sep 1, 1939 – Sep 2, 1945 President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Korean War Jun 25, 1950 – Jul 27, 1953 President Harry S. Truman - Democratic Party

Vietnam War Nov 1, 1955 – Apr 30, 1975 President Dwight Eisenhower - Republican, President John F. Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson – Democratic Party, Richard Nixon -Republican Party

Bosnia and Herzegovina- 30 August and 20 September 1995 President Bill Clinton Democratic Party

War on Terror September 20, 2001 - to the present with several sub wars President George W. Bush -Republican Party, President Barack Obama - Democratic Party, Donald Trump Republican Party

From the beginning or our History as a union of States in the Declaration of Independence we were promised the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


WASHINGTON, DC, NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – Sean Stone, co-host of ‘Watching the Hawks’, debuts his new documentary, ‘A Century of War’, giving a historical perspective on the shift to a post-industrial society and offering strategies to reinvigorate US infrastructure, starting with a reassessment of America's relationship to energy. The documentary will air as a four-part series on RT America’s ‘Watching the Hawks’ starting November 15.


As the US approaches a century since entering World War I, Sean Stone asks,

“What happened to the American Century? What happened to America's ideal of progress?”

This election year has been punctuated by Americans’ concerns about feeling squeezed

out of the traditional middle-class economy. Stone makes the argument

that “a century of war has taken its toll on the great US republic.”

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