Posted by Richard Garcia on July 16, 2017 - 4:33am Edited 8/25 at 9:37pm

What are you talking about.... Single Payor health insurance, give every American a paycheck from the Government, Continue entitlements to all including failing businesses... especially the Banks that we all agree are to big to fail. Therefore the need for bigger Government Local and Federal This would lead to a change from Democratic Republic to a Socialist State.

“If you go to a financial adviser and, you know, you’re in trouble. … They’ll ask [you]: What do you own, and what do you owe? Well, we owe a lot. It’s not just the $18 trillion; it’s the $211 trillion of unfunded mandates as well.” Ben Carson


The real national debt in America is actually over $200 trillion, and the mathematics point to absolutely certain fiscal collapse.

It is time for a reality check Americans of all stripes. You are being bombarded with issued that don't matter. The real issue is how we are going to survive the Financial Disaster that is here and will not be talked about by the Media, Democrats Republics, Liberals, Progressives Wall Street et all.
Remember that very popular movie  seen as great entertainment....The Matrix. Well you are in it. So it's the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.
In the 60's we had a President who avoided WWIII  when he talked to the Russian and paid with his life. Remember President Truman who warned us against the Military Industrial Complex and the deceases President who told us about the Secret Government. Oh but those are just conspiracy theories. Are they? 
I have learned to listen to opposing views...take no sides only after those sources has been proven to expose the truth. Truth is stranger then fiction as you will learn.  We are the People do not take in ideas or words that divide. Accept the right of all to express their ideas. Freedom of speak is absolute! You have right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These values will see us through the difficult times ahead which are un-avoidable 
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