Daily Reading from the Science of Mind 05032016

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Daily Reading from the Science of Mind 05032016

Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind

A Primer for Living a Life


My Word Shall Bear Fruit

The Word of my mouth shall bear fruit.

It shall accomplish and prosper, and shall not return unto me void.

My word is the law unto the thing whereunto it is sent, and iut cannot come back empty-handed.

I send out My Word and it is the law unto my life.

My Word is the Law unto the thing whereunto it is spoken, and will become fulfilled in the right way and at the right time.

My Word is complete and perfect, and is the Presence and the Power of the One Mind that is in and through all.

I speak the Word and know thatit will accomplish.

I wait in perfect confidence for the Word to fulfill itself in my life.

My Word is Law.

O Man, Speak Forth They Word

O man, speak forth they word and be not afraid.

Did you not know? have you not heard?

Hi Divinity is planted within thee, and they word is one will all power.

The Spirit of the Most High is the Spirit, and the Word of God is thy word.

Thy freedom is hid within thee, and thy inner light shall illumine thy way.

Speak man, and be free! Announce and proclaim thy works!

Let thy word go forth with power, and thy Spirit shall conquer all.

Spirit within me, speak.

The Power of the Word

The Word is a mighty Power, and that Word is in me and through me now.

My Word is one with the All Good and cannot failto accomplish the desired ends.

My Word goes forth with Power unto everything I do, say or think.

The Word is my Power by day and by night.

I will that Word and trust in the great Law of Life to fulfill it.

I speak the word in Full Confidence.

Credit: Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 544-545). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition. 

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