Posted by richard mathiason on January 26, 2016 - 1:17am

Reputation Management – Real Time

Reputation Management - In these times when communication is instantaneous, you must always be aware of what people are saying about your business.

If you don't know what people are saying about your business you are most likely losing money.

Reputation Management Software


So, how does one keep track of everything that's being said online about my business?

The first thing you could do is you do is contract someone like myself to track the social networks at $347 per month.

You can also hire an employee to keep track of all the social networks.

You can outsource it to companies that provide reputation management.

Finally, you can do this in-house by using reputation management software.


Reputation Management Software

With reputation management software you have complete control over what you want to search and how you respond to comments.

This software is your 24 x 7 Web monitor. You can monitor your BRANDS, Your Products, Your People and even your competitors. Keep track of unlimited keywords and phrases.

Anytime anyone mentions your key words or phrases, even if they are sending an angry tweet about you, or posting a review on yelp.

You will know.

If you KNOW about what people are saying, you can deliver the service to make them happy. It's communication! Too often though, You simply don't know until it is too late.

Reputation Management Software


Where Does The Software Search?

Facebook. Twitter. TripAdvisor. Yelp. Youtube. Blogs. Forums. Google+ You Name it!

The places where your customers make or break your business. The places where conversations happen, where interaction happens and where people reach out using technology.

You may already know that 80% of people change their buying decision after reading a bad review online. And you may never know the review is there, you may not even know there was a problem… but you’re still losing a lot of customers.


The software monitors for you night and day.

In Keywords. Any Sector… If anyone mentions your name, your brand, your products or even your competitors – you will know about it instantly. An added plus to the software is that it generates sales for you by delivering high interest leads, direct to you.

Now, you could spend every waking moment searching the internet for every mention of your business.

As I said above, you could attempt to do this yourself by monitoring on the social networks, but I think you can see this is not likely to happen. You would not have time to do this and you would not be able to find all the comments that have been created.

Or, you could use Reputation Management Software.