Why Markethive is the Go To Social/Marketing Network - Reason #4 - Auto Responders, Groups, Campaigns, Content Marketing

Posted by richard mathiason on July 14, 2018 - 1:15am


07/14/2018 Belen, NM

Why Markethive is the Go To Social/Marketing Network

Reason #4

Auto Responders, Groups, Campaigns, Content Marketing


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Today, we will take a look at the autoresponders, groups,campaigns and content marketing and the Sections that I have highlighted below.




$Zero per month

$Zero per month

Airdrops ***

Markethive will be launching an Infinity Airdrop. The first drop will be 500 coins for everyone already in the system. Then every new subscriber will receive 500 coins. Thereafter, the amount of coin will decrease, but the Airdrop will remain in force.



Campaign Manager

Multi Member Co-op

Website Rotator

Website Tracking

Asset Map

Backlink Tracking


Conference Rooms

Each member has a conference room

Room widgets for WP

Avatar Engine




Content Marketing

Blogging Broadcasting

WP Plugins

Social Subscriptions

Curation System


Email Marketing

97% delivery rates


Email Broadcasting



Attendance Monitor

Self Replicated Capture Pages

Surveys and PDFs

Group Blogs News Feed

Collaborate - raise up the Group


Leads Funnels

Profile Page

Capture Pages

Survey Pages

Lead Management

Cross Social Networking

Lead Groups Management

Email, Phone, Chat

Social Networks collected



Integrated Into Ecosystem

Linked to Wallet and Exchange


Micro Payments ***

Refer 3 people to activate the universal income micro payments for all system activity. Lifetime Income



We do not track, use cookies or store your personal information. See prior article http://hive.pe/z8


Social Media

Private Social Network

Group Messaging

Strategic Collaboration


Content Rich Profile

Profile Page Link Hub

Permalinks for blog posts

Permalinks for capture pages

Video, Images and Calendar

Robot friendly Profile Page


System Tutorials

Step by Step Incentivized

Monetary Rewards

Easy to Complete

Get Paid to Learn the System



Wallet Key to 2FA, KYC, Messaging and Commerce


The corner stone of Inbound Marketing is creating or curating content that people want to read.


Content Marketing

Blogging Broadcasting – You can create Blog posts for yourself. If you have groups you can create blog posts for the group.

When you create a blog post, people can subscribe to the blog. When they do, it will be syndicated to their social networks.

Use the wp plugin to add the blog post in Markethive to your own Wordpress Blog.

We use a Wordpress Plugin called SNAP to syndicate the blog posts to our social networks.

 Auto Responders

 CEO Thomas Prendergast explains in great detail how our Autoresponder System is heads above anything else.


An Autoresponder with full configuration and control!

It takes on average 5-7 exposures to your sales message before the average sales prospect will buy. Email Autoresponders can help you keep your message in front of your prospects over a sustained period of time.

When a prospect requests more information from one of your Capture Pages, configuring it with an Autoresponder will cause them to receive a series of emails, staggered over whatever period of time you choose. These emails can function to educate and sell the prospect further on the details of your product, or simply provide a sustained automated follow up effort.

There's no substitute for picking up the phone to call and actually speak with your prospects, but a well written Email Autoresponder can help you stay in front of your prospects on a more sustained basis.

You can publish an email post to your leads in real time.

Your autoresponder messages will be delivered to the inbox (not spam folder) 97% of the time.


When you create a Group in Markethive it is all about collaboration instead competition. Markethive’s Groups work together to help the Group.

Attendance Monitor – You can know who is working, and who isn’t.

Self Replicated Capture Pages – You can create Capture Pages and tie them to a rotator so that each member of the Group will get leads. Powerful Feature. 

Use Surveys and PDFs to create interest in your Group

Group Blogs News Feed – Each member of the Group provides content to the Group Blog which can be setup to syndicate far and wide.

Using Groups this way, means that the whole group benefits and one does not have to go it alone.



Campaign Manager – The campaign manager allows you keep track of what you are doing yourself and within groups

Multi Member Co-op – Co-ops can be set up to share the cost of advertising.

Website Rotator – As I explained earlier, you can create a rotator to share all leads that you get.

Website Tracking – You will be able to track where you are getting visitors to capture pages, profile pages, survey pages.

Asset Map – You can set up a visual that will show your money site and all of the other sites that help get authority pushed up to the money site.

Backlink Tracking – As it says you can track your backlinks to make sure they are still in place.

I trust that this short overview has been helpful. Remember, there will be tutorials that will go deeper on these subjects.




Richard Mathiason

Markethive Associate



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