About Questra and Atlantic Global Asset Management
I am so very excited! This might just be for YOU!
I have something very unique to share with you that is of the utmost importance to your financial future and I want you to see this, then say “no” but please don’t say no until you’ve seen this and have done your own due diligence!
Maybe at some time in your life, someone you know asked you the following trick question: “Would you rather have $10,000.00 per day for 30 days or a penny that doubled in value every day for 30 days?” Today, we know to choose the doubling penny, because, at the end of 30 days, we’d have about $5MM versus the $300,000.00 we’d have if we chose the $10K a day!
Compound interest is often called the “EIGHT WONDER OF THE WORLD” because it seems to possess magical powers, like turning a penny into $5MM in just 30 days! The great part about compound interest is that it applies to money, even little amounts like a penny or $100.00USD in the AGAM business model! It helps us achieve our financial goals, such as becoming a millionaire, and becoming financially independent!
With only $100.00USD, (a meal for four family members at your local restaurant) you can be a millionaire in 222 weeks and have accumulated € 1,045,440.00!
This is just like a CD, tax sheltered 401K, RRSP or other investment vehicle or is it? These vehicles keep the compounding for themselves and give you simple interest and they laugh all the way to the bank! Oh wait, maybe they are the bank!
NOW, we can all participate with AGAM and receive the magic of compound interest for ourselves and if you are smart, your family, friends, and circle of influence as well! I stand corrected, it is not the magic of compound interest, it is even better! IT IS THE MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING PROFITS!
One of the main reasons I’m so excited about AGAM is that I have personally experienced this compounding impact back in 2005 to 2007 with Castle Fair Ministries! We had two Forex traders in Switzerland earning our debt relief programs between 18-25% a month and they were earning that amount for themselves too! It was a perfect business until the US Govt and IRS destroyed the relationship of US entities with Switzerland and we had to shut down even though everything was done legally!
But with AGAM, they are not only legal and lawful and have set themselves up offshore, but also have an eight-year track record with 25 Wealth Managers spreading the risk and during this eight-year period, they have never gone below 3% a week. So not just two, but 25 seasoned professionals working on our mutual behalf and we have to do nothing other than come up with $100.00USD to get it started!
THIS IS A NO BRAINER! Check it out here: http://perfectincomes.com or get back to the person who referred you to this site and sign up with them please!
Still a doubter?
I’ve had someone suggest it is a scam, it says so on the internet! HMMMMM! I wonder who these negative people on the internet work for? Isn’t it wonderful that a negative person always has a problem for every solution?
I took some time and reviewed the negative info on the net and what they don’t know, is, that they don’t know, that they don’t know what they are talking about! Kenetra, my referring member has provided some proof below in her letter that she sends out to people who are doubters and “proof of income received” is always one of the best indicators that the program is working but also there is proof that the company exists and contracts are signed by senior referring partners with the leaders at their home office in Spain. You will see all of that info and more in the "Overview info and Video links" section!
Check it out! http://perfectincomes.com 
You can check out these sites for complete accurate information!

William Eason

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