Posted by William P. Eason on October 13, 2015 - 2:14pm

BITCOIN BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT Irrespective of market fluctuations in the value of BITCOIN, any entity that accepts BITCOIN as payment for goods and services may use these to acquire any goods or services, including securities of any nature, without “spending” them, without “exchanging” them, and receive a negotiated additional income based on the cost of items acquired. To do so, an entity may: 1) Register accepted BITCOIN as a commodity and lodge it in a brokerage account so that the BITCOIN may be exchanged through the commodity market. 2) Accept ZCASH, CHIPS, and SPURT (forms of virtual currency) as payment for goods and services, register these as commodities, and lodge them in a brokerage account. 3) Accept any other form the business may wish of virtual currency as payment for goods and services, register these as commodities, and lodge them in a brokerage account. 4) Use a TRANSFER ASSIGNMENT document to have all virtual currency brokerage accounts owned by the business, which the business wishes to use in this process, regulated and protected by ST. STEPHEN’S CROWN DEPOSITORY (“SCD”, an unincorporated agency of the CROWN OF SAINT STEPHEN). 5) Negotiate and contract with the PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (“PPP”) established by the CROWN OF SAINT STEPHEN for the PPP to use the brokerage accounts as a “BUYER” in the TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC COMMERCIAL PIPELINE and use value in the brokerage accounts to acquire items as per that protocol; see HOLDINGS, INC'S COMMERCIAL PIPELINE.pdf There is no fee charged by SCD or by the PPP for involvement in this process; however, for each payment instrument issued for TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC to acquire items on behalf of the PPP (for the benefit of the entity contracted with the PPP), there is a fee of $5,000 U.S. Dollars for each $1 Million U.S. Dollars or less that is to be paid. Entities may negotiate with others that have caches of BITCOIN, ZCASH, CHIPS, SPURT, or other forms of virtual currency to be used in the process so that they may increase the acquisition power this process provides. For further information contact an ICCSS WORK CENTER; to be assigned a CENTER send an email to [email protected]