Posted by William P. Eason on September 30, 2015 - 12:58pm

Busy trading day for binary option traders with events from Europe and the U.S.

The day starts with an interesting labor report from Europe at 09:00 gmt.

EU unemployment is dropping slowly and is on its lowest level since 2012. Expected unemployment should be 10.9% and any result lower that that should support the eur currency.

At the same time CPI will be published and this event can push the eur higher on high inflation.

These two factors, unemployment and CPI will determine if ECB president Draghi will continue to print money.

The ADP report will be published today at 12:15 gmt.

Assets to trade will be U.S dollar and gold. This report can affect the market strongly as we get closer to Friday’s NFP. The expected number is 190,000 and as the accuracy of the event improves so does the market reaction.

Yellen talks at 19:00 gmt

Janet Yellen is in deep trouble as volatility and market pressure rise on every word she says.

Binary traders could enjoy a solid trend during her speech today if she presents a solid approach to the rate decision on October 29th.