Posted by William P. Eason on November 11, 2015 - 12:44am

The drop in price of crude oil may be a boon to buyers but is a real problem for suppliers. If this continues, many suppliers will have to “close shop”, repeating the industry fiasco of the early eighties of last century. TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC is willing to pay, prior to delivery, the highest price that your crude oil has sold for in the world market over the last decade! That is, tell us your price and TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC will pay for future delivery as TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC may instruct, with cash! What is the “catch”? The “catch” is that you must provide an end-buyer to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC that is willing to pay TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC twice the amount that you will be paid! Why will an end-buyer be willing and even anxious to do that? Because a qualified end-buyer can buy from TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC without spending any money and can walk away with the crude oil plus an income equal to 181% of the price charged by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC. How? By making the purchase from TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC using the protocol WATER FUTURES.pdf In fact, if your company qualifies, your company may wish to sell the crude oil to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC, as indicated, and repurchase it as an end-buyer, to then resell to your normal clients at current market price! Check out the protocol to see if your company can qualify, or if your end-buyers might qualify. contact for more info: