Posted by William P. Eason on October 27, 2015 - 3:38pm

You may sell your property to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC for full “broker opinion” value, repurchase it for the same price, and instead of paying monthly payments receive an annual income equal to 1/30th the value at which you sold it: 1) You may obtain a “broker’s opinion” for the value of your property or otherwise negotiate a purchase price with TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC. 2) You may sell your property to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC using a standard Texas Real Estate Contract (regardless of the jurisdiction in which your property is located), with REAL ESTATE ADDENDUM 3 included in the contract – see 3) You may repurchase the property from TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC, using a standard Texas Real Estate Contract (regardless of the jurisdiction in which your property is located), providing as payment a Promissory Note offering to pay, in SPURT (a digital currency offered by, 1/30th of the price (no interest) pre annually, on date of purchase, until the Note is fully paid. 4) You may enter into an agreement with INTERNATIONAL ENERGY COOPERATIVE to allow, for each $250,000 U.S. DOLLARS or less of the price of the property, for a special computer to be lodged in a protected and functional area, selected by INTERNATIONAL ENERGY COOPERATIVE, within the property; receiving from INTERNATIONAL ENERGY COOPERATIVE as payment, on a pre annual basis, SPURT equal in value to twice the pre annual payment you are required to make on the Promissory Note that you provided to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC as payment. 5) Or, you may negotiate to pay your pre annual payments or pay the full outstanding Promissory Note value to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC in any currency acceptable to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC, at any time, and still continue to receive the SPURT payments from INTERNATIONAL ENERGY COOPERATIVE for as long as you choose to continue taking care of the computers lodged by INTERNATIONAL ENERGY COOPERATIVE within the property. If there are liens against the property, or taxes are owed, the payment made to you by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC will be divided into payments for each lien holder, for taxes owed; and, the remainder to you. There are no limitations on value of property or on jurisdictions wherein property is located for offers to sell to be made to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC. All transactions will be done through TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC’s Texas Realtor, acting as real estate agent in Texas for properties located in Texas, or as a consultant to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC for properties located in jurisdictions other than Texas. If a lien holder or tax collector does not accept a payment tendered by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC you may transfer all rights to the property to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC and let that firm’s attorney negotiate with the lien holder or tax collector. If a lien holder or tax collector chooses to foreclose on the property, since you would have received full payment, you would walk away with a payment that could yield twice your current equity value, and TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC could take whatever action TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC’s attorney may advise to protect its interest. Formore information contact William Eason @ [email protected]