Our Blockchain is growing stronger and stonger!

13-03-2017, 09:30

Since the launch of the Infinity Economics Blockchain on the 28/1-2017 many very exiting things has happened.
As you all know, the strength and security of any blockchain depends upon how many blocks, and how many transactions it has. The more transactions & blocks, the stronger the chain!

This is also the reason for the foundation roadmap, and the strategy before releasing the source-code after the final vote.

A couple of very important milestones are:

  1. We are now 33.000 accounts which equals a growth of approx 1000 new accounts each week.
  2. More than 11.400 Alias' has been registered on our blockchain.
  3. The latest "Foundation Community Feature Voting #4" reached the highest number of voters in any vote so far.
  4. We are closing in on the first 75.000 blocks on our blockchain.
  5. We are closing in on the first 100.000 transactions on our blockchain.
  6. We now have 23 active nodes and this number will continue to grow.

This is very very impressive numbers, and are far better than any other blockchainlaunch in the history of mankind. And we haven't even released the source-code yet!

But we can all do more to secure our future, and the success of Infinity Economics.

We should all introduce at least 2 people to our SmartWallet every week. Help them create a free account, and then transfer some tokens to those 2 people.
This way we can grow even stronger up until the release of the source-code. In fact we can reach 100.000 accounts within 10 days, if everybody pitches in!

I have personally made extensive research on other blockchains for the last 10 months. I have looked into the tech behind the Bitcoin blockchain, the Ethereum Project and a couple of other projects. I follow all the relevant media covering the crypto and blockchain space, and I can say without a shatter of doubt, that the Infinity Economics blockchaintech is years ahead, and BY FAR the most advanced in the world. No other solution has the amazing native core features and extensions as Infinity.

A bright future lies ahead, a free and more fair world is possible, but we all need to the right things. Right now.

  1. Spread the word, and teach your friends to make an account.
  2. Make transactions and vote.

Feel free to reach out to me, if any of the above raises any concern or questions.

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