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Webtalk I got paid on 28 July 2020 What I did with my money!!

Posted by Charmaine Anne MacDonald on August 25, 2020 - 11:47pm

Webtalk is still in Beta launch and the pro members will be beta testing the app any day now!  I got paid on 28 July 2020 my first payout ever!!  Over USD140 into my payoneer and then my bank account.  A very exciting time for me since arriving in Morocco 13 years ago I have not earned any money here.  In 2012 I went to South Africa and worked for 2 years and then we came back to Morocco.  Granted I had no interest in working here and mostly because the work possibities are so limited and my poor arabic and the incredible heat.  Do I really want to leave the house to work in this heat???  Are you kidding me?  We are experiencing a heatwave and have been for the past few days and it is exhausting and you really just want to hide away in the seclusion of your home to escape it as best as you can.  With covid you pretty much have to anyway.  The beaches are closed and you have to wear a mask if you venture out anyway so not exactly alluring to go out.  So I walked out in the stifling heat to go to the bank and withdraw my funds which alhamdidallah were there!!! Whooopee di do!  I went straight to the internet cafe to pay the internet for 4 more months at 200 Moroccan dirhams per month.  I also put aside 200 dirhams for the electricity bill and then I kept the rest of the money of around 180 dirhams to buy some luxuries for our family of 4 to enjoy.  All too seldom do we get to enjoy the simple luxuries that others take for granted.  Bring on the titan ice cream, this is not an ordinary ice cream but creamy and the chocolate on it is thick, mmmmm so delicious!!  The taste of webtalk is truly heavenly!! 

I had a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate, my sons had brown chocolate with caramel and coconut flavoured ice cream and my husband had brown chocolate with pistache and nuts!  We bought creamy cakes of varied flavours and 2 big packet of crisps or chips as you wish to call it.  I also bought 2 cream cake puddings which we had with our breakfast this morning and then tea time was creamy croissants and a Moroccan pastry called maghmair and then dinner was scrumptious cheeseburger and chips in a restaurant with banana fruitshakes for me and my younger son and coca cola for my older son.  I also bought a balloon for my younger son and we still have a bit more left over for treats!!!  So as you can see money goes pretty far in Morocco.  The rate of conversion from those dollars was X 9 so a good exchange rate!  Thank you webtalk for paying us the same as everyone else and not paying us less because we live in Africa.  It is a true blessing for which I am so grateful.  Alhamdidallah and thank you to all who have helped and guided me to webtalk and on this journey.  Getting paid my first payout is a wonderful feeling and I have written this blog to document my earning journey with my online ventures and webtalk in particular at this time because I got my payout and have used it to pay for real life debts and treats.  I have made more money with We Share Abundance but that is solely for saving as my tokens are for a nest egg for saving for the future and since it is crypto I have to figure out how to actually withdraw the money and transfer it to my bank account.  That is a concern for the future, for now it is just to accumulate and grow my wesa tokens.  I am very happily working from home.  I love avoiding all the commute problems of going to a normal job and I am happy staying at home and being able to access income from the comfort of my home.  Webtalk is giving Social media a complete reboot and makeover and changing peoples lives from all walks of lives and from all corners of the globe. 

Webtalk is empowering women like me, it is empowering everyone and anyone who sees it for the opportunity that it is and runs with it.  As a free member I have brought it 2 powerful referrals who are working extremely hard to bring in downlines.  I have had alot of support form my uplines and now my downlines so it makes for a dynamic and effective workforce and working in a team makes the effort all the more tangible and so much easier than if you did it on your own.  I could not afford to open up those 5 levels of earnings but because I showed enthusiasm, committment and consistency, Scott Gerrard, my sponsor paid for my upgrade.  At that time it was an investment of USD200 that was needed and that opened up those 5 levels for me for life!!!  The most amazing gift ever.  Marlon Johnson, also in my upline, very kindly did paid advertising for me to help boost my downlines and keep me motivated to do my daily logins, comments, likes and shares!!  As a team we have inspired each other to succeed.  The downlines are coming in Fast and Furious now. 


I have many people on all the different levels, over 3600 in total and  especially level 1;  2 and 3 are referring on a daily basis.  I feel blessed.  We are a mix of people from all over the world and we have a goal in mind, and that is to succeed and push webtalk to the top!!  There is a major shift happening in the world of webtalk and it is changing peoples lives for the better and its only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. Since Webtalk donates 10% to charity, we are working for a good cause at the same time as getting paid to be social.  I hope other social media sites do the same but if they do not, no matter Webtalk will just get bigger and stronger and millions are flocking to webtalk, as is reflected by the Alexa ranking, now 9132, after launch that number will just EXPLODE!!  If you have not joined us yet, you should for your own sake and the sake of your children and family.  Being able to give them treats and outings and seeing their happy faces is what its all about.  I have over 3600 in my downlines now and am aiming for 100 000 in time.  With the team I have now, it is possible!  Someone in my upline, John Burbage has 20 000 in his downline already and around 12 000 of those people are from Scott Gerrard, my sponsor, or close to that number.  It is enthralling, inspiring and motivates me all the more.  The positivity and good vibes is electric!!  The energy flows from one person to the next and there is an abundance of great content!  Webtalk is on a mission and we, the Founding members have been on this mission for a while now.  John Burbage has been on webtalk for a year, is earning US200 per month and growing every day and month.  It is very exciting being connected with such dynamic, ambitious and smart people.  It can only brush off on you and make you aim higher and work harder. Be relentless in pursuing your goals and make it a daily habit.  We are not machines, we are human beings and that is what we can bring to webtalk, the human element and Atul Katoch is a master at that.  He is my first referrer that really went for it.  Ioannis Gallianos has involved several members of his family in webtalk and his many years of internet marketing bring an efficiency and expertise to our platform which is a marvel and pleasure to see.  Daniel Todd is making his musical mark and I have being able to star in one of his webtalk musical videos and its been so much fun and definetly a dream come true....starring in a music video, haha!!  So there have been some surprises coming my way which I really could not have forseen or even expected.  A long time ago, I did get into a studio and record my own demo CD from some songs I had written and one that I had written with my youngest sister, Chantal Packery, who is also on Webtalk.  So its like chapter 2 of that story and there I was thinking that that was the end of that story, but it was not.  In life if you are open to whatever comes your way, you can experience amazing things. The webtalk journey is still in its infancy, it has not even launched yet and being properly introduced to the world, but already we are experiencing success in many different ways. 


The journey is one that I am happy to have embarked upon and I look forward to keeping you updated in the future, because I think there are going to be some very nice updates!!!  Just you wait and see!!

Corneliu Boghian Thanks for sharing.
November 14, 2020 at 10:38pm
Simon Keighley Congrats on your earnings Charmaine - that's great news. I share my blog posts every day on Webtalk - its' an excellent platform for the entrepreneur.
August 26, 2020 at 9:43am
Charmaine Anne MacDonald If you would like to join me on webtalk here is my link https://get.webtalk.co/charm
August 25, 2020 at 11:58pm