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We Share Abundance Its Just the beginning!

Posted by Charmaine Anne MacDonald on July 07, 2020 - 6:54pm

We Are Sharing More and More with our members with each passing month!!

And its only the beginning...

WeShareAbundance is still in Beta Pre-Launch AND we paid our members in June 2020 

A total of $132,506.84

This was made up of....

Total rewards and commissions         $106,730.70
Total FREE Lottery Payments           $ 21,871.08
Total Power of One Bonus              $  3,905.06

Included in the FREE Lottery were payments of....
Pool 1   $  210.60  to FARID SAHLI(sahlifarid)
Pool 2   $  294.50  to Adewumi  Timothy Olalekan(Timothy)
Pool 3   $  424.62  to bin zhenG(Azn2goo)
Pool 4   $  733.75  to Nityananda Bodak(Mamarpriti)
Pool 5   $1,240.00  to Kathy Samson(ksamson)
Pool 6   $3,142.50  to Ukari  Obene(Ukariobene66)

Along with hundreds of other payments ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars!

Kathy Samson had only been a member for 9 days. WOW!

Don't miss out on YOUR ABUNDANCE....

 its the place where losing is not allowed and EVERYONE WINS...Click me to join now!!   

It really is too good to miss: we are still in beta pre-launch and the testimonials keep flooding in...
See them here...

Thought For The Day: How important are these 3 short words, near or far?

God bless,

Corneliu Boghian Thanks for sharing.
November 14, 2020 at 10:39pm
Simon Keighley Thanks for introducing me to WeShareAbundance, Charmaine - it sounds a rewarding opportunity.
July 8, 2020 at 10:52am