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Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on June 10, 2021 - 12:05pm



You may have noticed, we’ve recently entered into a downtrend in the crypto market, with Bitcoin, the digital gold store of value for all cryptos, now traveling sideways, staying in the range of 33k to 40k. According to crypto pundits, it seems to be a textbook accumulation pattern of institutions, as explained in this video about the Wyckoff method. 

These downtrends, corrections, and consolidations are the principal dialogue that people tend to focus on. The novices cash out driven by fear while the knowledgeable and experienced ride through the crypto storms and manipulations. 

In a recent video, Charles Hoskinson, CEO, and Founder of Cardano, emphatically expressed that he mostly ignores the markets because the markets are macro. They can be very frustrating as an entrepreneur and project leader committed to creating, building, and executing new, in many cases, life-changing concepts.

In the video below, Charles speaks passionately about what really matters.

Crypto Industry Is Maturing Shifting The Macro

Before the GFC of 2008, life was great for many outstanding business people, did all the right things, had solid relationships with their customers, and always honored their commitments. Then along came the GFC, and many got wiped out because the macro moved against them.

For a long time, the crypto industry has also been this way. In 2017/18, we saw a significant bear market, and many got hurt. It was a case of; if Bitcoin goes up, everybody goes up. If Bitcoin goes down, everybody goes down, and it was very depressing for numerous entrepreneurs. 

It doesn't matter what technology you have, what you've accomplished, or the deals you've done, the announcements made, whatever it might be, although there can be some counter-cyclic play, for the most part, these markets are driven in that direction.

But in 2020/21, things are turning around, and, interestingly, this is the first time we've noticed significant counter-cyclical movement, where Bitcoin dominance has fallen tremendously. 

Currently, Bitcoin dominance is sitting around 42%. Basically, that's the percentage of all the totality of market cap Bitcoin owns, relative to all other cryptos. We’ve also seen that institutional preferences have not been unilaterally Bitcoin followed by everything else.

People are starting to differentiate proof of stake from proof of work, and we're starting to see a separation of things. The industry is maturing, and we see where Bitcoin falls short, and others in the industry are improving the technology. 

Cardano, with its Ouroborous, along with Elgorand, Solano among others, will get it done as an industry where they are all on par for building remarkable engines that will process billions of transactions every year, containing trillions of dollars of value collectively.

Furthermore, the Cardano blockchain can accommodate the trillions of data a social media and marketing platform generates while upholding privacy and autonomy in a totally decentralized environment, which is why Markethive, the social market broadcasting network, chose to build its blockchain on Cardano

Markethive is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs that will include financial transactions into the billions with its Hivecoin. This technology will benefit the Markethive community greatly and create a sovereign system for the global community in this precarious world. 

As Charles states, 

“We're future-proofing programmable finance, and this financial operating system is going to be social, it's going to be institutional, and it's going to be Fortune 500. It's going to run nation-states at some point. It's inevitable. We're making it a better place and I love the fact that I get to do it with a smile on my face.” 

He goes on to say that this is the reality because we're coming from a siloed world. We're coming from a controlled, top-down world. We're coming from a fragmented world that's incredibly exclusive for certain people.  A small group of people gets to decide everything, and nothing is working. 

We have negative interest rates, hyperinflation, massive deficit spending, completely unaccountable banks, and financial systems that are super fragile and too-big-to-fail. Corruption, nepotism, and doublespeak are everywhere. 

As a matter of interest, if you were a US citizen and you got that $1,200 stimulus cheque last year, it would be worth about $1,150 in real terms now. However, if you had invested in Bitcoin, it would be worth over $6,500 (and that is even with the recent dip). Likewise, if you invested that money into Markethive or Cardano, you will be one happy camper in the months to come. 

So there's an inevitability to the crypto, blockchain industry en masse, and there's a maturing of our industry, by and large. The diversity in the markets and the distributions in the markets, the vibrance of them, and their volatility represent that.

Over The Next Ten Years

Over the next ten years, there will be more advancement in monetary policy from the crypto industry than in the last hundred years of central banks. There will be more advancement in financial engineering, construction of financial products, marketplaces that trade them than the previous hundred years from Wall Street and other world stock markets combined. 

There will be more movement of wealth, 24/7 on the crypto rails than through the BIS and fixed protocols and other things that are the staples of the financial world. There will also be more automation and innovation, open law, and automated law and regulation in our industry than in the last hundred years of international agreements that have occurred. 

The vast majority of the following two billion people that enter the world financial system will be brought into our system from the cryptocurrencies phase. That's where we're at and what this industry is all about, and why so many prodigious people in this industry work incredibly hard every day. 

Unlike the past cycles in 2017/18, we're now in a situation where we've decoupled from Bitcoin, and people are starting to realize that while that was a great innovation, it's not the be-all-end-all; there's more to the story. 

And unlike the past, the macro is starting to actually move in favor of altcoins with meaning and purpose instead of just being these weird, composite cyclic maneuvers. 

Charles says,

“We will move beyond an industry that is deathly afraid of a 60 billion dollar stable coin being solvent or not. We're going to move beyond an industry that's definitely afraid of a hash rate falling because a single nation-state makes a stupid decision to ban mining or not. We're going to move beyond that”.


All In A Life’s Work

Thomas Prendergast, CEO and Founder of Markethive, and Charles Hoskinson of Cardano has a humanitarian and vested interest in the developing world of Africa and alike, highlighting the use-cases of the unbanked; however, by no means is this exclusive to developing nations. The reality is, we are all entitled to and deserve economic sovereignty and identity that is being taken from us. 

Banks, overdraft fees are taking it, and bank accounts that arbitrarily decide what businesses we are allowed to be in or not—taken by politicians who decide that they are smarter than us and determine what we’re allowed to own and how to live our financial lives. It’s being decided by employers, bureaucrats, and arbitrarily by marketplaces that we don’t have control over and never can because we are not invited to the table. 

That is the world we’ve inherited, but we are here to change that for our children and future generations. The decentralized crypto industry is all about making a world where we are in charge. This is Cardano’s and Markethive’s life’s work, as well as all the entrepreneurs within these ecosystems, and is why there is so much passion and excitement, tribalism, and volatility in our industry. 

The progress we’ve made includes some of the most sophisticated mathematics and computer science humankind has access to, and there is no challenge too great. It’s not about the money; it’s about freedom and the belief we can build a different system for a better world—a world where we are all treated equally and fairly with the opportunity to achieve as an individual. 

In only twelve years, which is a relatively short time, we’ve seen an evolution from a few crypto devotees to a global movement, and the progress is accelerating. This is the first year the crypto market’s behavior has seemed more refined than in previous years. In many cases, we saw erratic FOMO and FUD leading to despair with scam opportunists, the get rich quick mentality, resulting in a negative narrative for the most part. 

But now we see a maturing, materializing, growing, and solidifying, getting the respect and dignity that it requires where people are getting serious about regulating and integrating a new financial system permanently into society. 

Just like the certainty of the internet, which has become part of our daily lives, Cardano and Markethive are putting forward the best effort the industry has today. The community, the first movers, and people of the movement behind these companies are the lifeblood and have made them what they are today with many more exciting advancements in the next few months. 

Thomas Prendergast, CEO of Markethive says,

“Markethive is a grassroots company where the people, the rank, and file are integral to the operations of what Markethive is and will become. We serve you and we serve the Lord as Markethive is a vision of the Lord to bring revelation, freedom, self, and financial sovereignty to all. I love what I do and I’m overwhelmed and excited to be working with Cardano to realize our vision which is parallel with Cardano. We as a community get to be part of this monumental charge and calling for a better world.”

The reality is that these third-generation protocols are emerging, and it's going to change everything fundamentally. We won’t be stuck into this Bitcoin vs. Altcoin mentality. Instead, we will see the industry’s actual value, and it will be reflected by the eventual billions of people who will use these products every day to do things they couldn’t do before and in every area of life. 

There will be new markets and new customers representing wealth in different ways we never imagined possible. People from all walks of life will be part of an ecosystem they can access daily from their cell phones, web browsers. 

Many startups will come as a result to service the needs of these new markets and new entrepreneurs, creating the Googles, Facebooks, and Amazons of the future in a much more egalitarian and fair manner where ultimately we are in charge. Meanwhile, the dinosaurs will be trying to find a way to survive. 

Time To Re-Invent The Rules

Many have endured so much from the legacy financial system, which is responsible for a range of issues, including ridiculously high fees and interest charged to the poorest people in the world. Then there’s corruption and money laundering for infamous drug cartels empowering some very evil human beings. 

The issues that are too many to mention here were brought about from the legacy financial system that predominantly says the crypto industry is a risk. When understood and viewed in the right way, our industry is the antidote to the excesses of corruption and nepotism. It’s evolved from an industry of frustration to one of creativity and innovation. 

Cardano and Markethive are two of the forward-thinking companies that will change the world and the way we operate and work in the online space. They have a shared vision, and they will get it done and achieve it together as a community. 

There are so many people now, and the markets are simply too large. The innovation is too vast to be hindered, so it's no longer a question of if; it’s when we enjoy a better, more humanitarian world of freedom and autonomy in the social media and marketing realms of entrepreneurialism and a new financial operating system delivering economic identity and sovereignty.  

Every time there's been a significant change in human history, it's been owned by someone, an empire, or a corporation. It's been a winner-take-all thing or consortium, but now we have the opportunity to reinvent all the rules and change everything. The vanguards of this technology are open-source, patent-free, and defined by the people who use it, and in many cases, more so than the people who invent it. That is an extraordinary and unique moment in our history.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



A special thanks to Charles Hoskinson and Thomas Prendergast for their thoughts.


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.

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Kevin Jacobson I think that the point many people miss is that it is easier for an ALTcoin to go from $0.001 to $0.002 (as an example), than it is for Bitcoin to go from $35,000 to $70,000 (as an example). It is still 100% ROI, either way you look at it. $1000 in $2000 out or $10,000 in and $20,000 out.
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