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Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on January 06, 2021 - 2:24am Edited 10/23 at 3:21am


This is great news for humanity and the empowerment of the sovereign online nation of Markethive. 

Markethive, with its team of dedicated engineers, is now in the throws of rebuilding the platform, moving all data, applications, and technology to our own server cloud system.

What we have here is history in the making of the next generation social market media, and it's not as simple as just relocating Markethive to another established server. We are building our own Apache network matrix cloud system. 

Markethive is constructing a brand new system that operates differently from our previous system, which is a process of building new servers that will align with our Blockchain. These are cloneable servers so that we can operate with a distributed database. 

We will no longer be at the mercy of third-party APIs serving their interests. Previously Markethive used Amazon and Microsoft’s Azure servers. However, they are all part of the elites and their plans that I have discussed in other articles


The Markethive Vision A Reality

With the onset of the invisible enemy (COVID), a tactic of the globalists and now being portrayed as an opportunity to “reset the world'', many businesses are being forced to close or face bankruptcy. And if you think your online business is safe, think again. 

People en masse are becoming more aware of the agendas and censorship of the social media giants and their alliance with the elites. Their divide-and-conquer tactics are designed to suppress and alienate us from each other. 

Now Amazon essentially contracts to the CIA, gathering intelligence and control along with Microsoft Azure cloud.  If Markethive continues on these controlled centralized clouds, just as they are shutting down main street small businesses, they will shut down online businesses via these clouds.

In other words, instead of subscribing to the elites’ clouds (i.e., Google, Amazon, Microsoft), we have moved forward to build our own cloud system, giving us the ability to clone the entire system into a distributed network of the forecasted "Mining Hives" we envisioned several years ago. 

This eliminates the real threat of shutting us down for not complying with the elite’s new world order, to which Markethive is vehemently opposed. 

This is in preparation to complete migration to the blockchain making way for the advanced wallet app and migrating to the mining hives architecture.

The Blockchain is designed to create a secure handshake for transactions while the servers and distributed database handle the magnitude of data, like content, images, videos, etc. 

Through divine inspiration, Markethive CEO Thomas Prendergast initially devised a concept of three clouds in a triangle fashion, all connected to each other across the globe via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

These server clouds can communicate with each other, continually updating the database and, as they are distributed, negating the possibility of being totally shut down. 

To enter the data application system, being Markethive, you will need to validate through a 2FA system. Cryptocurrency coin exchanges and wallets commonly use this type of validation. So, any information you initiate is through the Blockchain because you’ve been qualified through a 2FA system. 

However, the Blockchain only handles transactions. The repository remains on many distributed secure servers that can handle the volume of data and scalability at lightning speed.

This means we have to restructure and re-engineer the structure. This will be our structure, not Azure’s or Google's structure. Then we will be able to clone the entire system and duplicate to additional clouds and, ultimately, our own Hives.

Two Different Visions Of The World

  1. HUMAN VISION (Meritocracy)
  2. TRANSHUMAN VISION (Technocracy)

In a human system, a human is a sovereign individual whose freedom comes from divine authority. That is what the Bill Of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence all revolve around. 

In the vision of technocracy, a human is a natural resource, much like an oil deposit, and to be used as such, making them not a sovereign individual but of labor. They are seen as livestock and as a separate species by the elites, who believe they are a separate civilization from the rest of the world. 

These elite are devoid of empathy and conscience and consider themselves transhuman with all the wealth and biotech to outlive the rest of us. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, this technocracy is a transhumanist slavery system, a prominent financial adviser and CEO of the Solari Report

In this video, she explains what is happening in the current situation we are all in on a global scale; however, all is not lost; there is a solution, and we need to take heed and act.

[As Vimeo has deleted my account and all my videos, I have found a platform to upload my videos until the Markethive video platform is integrated.] 

The Solution

Essentially the people are financing the technocratic vision by doing the bidding of the few orchestrating the one-world governmental plan, which has culminated into a culture of fear, anxiety, and division in our society.  

If we are financing this furtive uncompromising future for civilization, we have every right to tear it down. As described by Catherine Austin Fitts, the elite who want control are only 1% of the total population and are afraid of the people en masse who ultimately have the power to make or break the system.    

What needs to happen is we need to rebuild the economy from the bottom-up (that means us) if we don’t want to be totally centralized, surveilled, controlled, and dictated to how we make money to simply survive, let alone thrive.  

As quoted by Catherine in her interview,

“We have the power to change this, but we’re all going to have to come clean because almost all of us are complicit in implementing this. It is not them; it is us. The solution is for every one of us to come clean. You are either for a transhumanist slavery system, or you are for a human system. 

But if you are for a human system, then you are gonna have to find a way to make money. You know and engage socially in a human system and stop building a transhuman system. Well, the first thing you have to see is you have to get a good map.”

Globalists want to tear down the small entrepreneur and eliminate self-sovereignty, but there is only so much they can do if we stand united. Markethive, with its sovereign distributed servers and mining hives, will rise to be the utopia in this rapidly becoming dystopian world. 

Markethive is a human system. Facebook, along with its partners in crime, is a trans-humanist system. 


Many users are still oblivious to this as they continue to make Facebook their online home. But, with the increased scrutiny of the tech giants, Facebook now faces twin lawsuits, the most serious challenge ever to hit this monopoly. They are losing traction, particularly with the younger generations and, of course, the people who are awake to this tyrannical takeover. 

Furthermore, Facebook will never be able to align itself with a Blockchain as they are too deeply embedded into major centralized servers. Given their agenda and allegiance to the oligarchs, I don’t see them standing up for peoples’ sovereign rights and privacy a distributed system would offer. 

Thomas Prendergast, CEO and Founder of Markethive says, 

“I never really considered how fundamentally important Markethive is becoming in opposing this planet prison system the globalists are trying to establish. Markethive's mission and future are very important.

As the Lord and prevailing governments tear down the Giant corrupt elite social networks, Markethive will rise. 

As the world sees and embraces working from home, they will migrate towards Markethive. 

As Bitcoin ascends to $1 million per coin, the Markethive coin (with the greatest trends) will arrive and ascend with Bitcoin.

As Trump retains his rightful victory as President for another 4 years, "The Rise of the Entrepreneur" will continue.”

While Markethive is in the process of creating this sovereign haven of our own decentralized cloud system for us all to thrive, we ask for your support and patience. 

This is a monumental undertaking and now is the perfect time as we take this giant leap towards a revolution and the Rise of the Entrepreneur soaring to great heights where nothing can stop us. 



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