Posted by Venable Dance on July 02, 2014 - 3:20pm Edited 10/2 at 9:47pm
After my Bicycle adventure at "LA River Ride" on June 22, 2014, I realized that my legs were not in shape at all.  Riding my new bike  with 18 gears was not all that helpful. It was my legs, they need work (exercise).
Here are some pictures of me in agony.   Black hat, black shirt and pants.
I exercise my upper-body and seem to be ok. But, riding the bike revealed that not only were my legs weak, my breathing was difficult as well. 
I am thinking "blood flow" - Cardiovascular.  It is important that I turn to improving my cardiovascular-system, before trying any serious bike riding or leg exercises. Of course I will start out with some low impact leg exercises while focusing on the cardio.
I began on Monday June 31, 2014 by adding supplements indicated, to have beneficial effects on the arteries and blood-flow:
5. MSM 
6. Zinc
I am adding more greens (fiber) such as spinach, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Flaxseeds ... etc.  Cantelopes and Kiwi is indicated as being beneficial for the arteries and blood-flow.
I have added at least one (1) avocado and some coconut oil each day. Olive oil is ok if you can find high quality, pure and obviously fresh olive oil. Olive oil in a clear bottle is already degraded ( not good for you ). Even many of the olive oils in darkened bottles or cans, may not be pure olive oil.  Pure high quality Olive Oil is expense.  Do your research. I now use mostly Coconut Oil (high quality is also Expensive).
Always Consult with your Doctor or Medical Practitioner if changing your diet/ adding supplements/ and/or increasing your exercise routine could cause serious health issues for you". 
Best Regards,
Venable Dance, Entrepreneur
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