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Money isn't everything but, it ranks up there with

oxygen”...Zig Ziglar

Zig was 1000% correct and modern Policing has

embraced this quote and executed it in action by

focusing on Revenue generation and profiting by

receiving promotions based on the number of

summons they issue. Like in the old days of

Robin Hood the Sheriff of Nottingham collected

taxes from peasants and those who couldn't pay

were introduced to Debtor's Prison. Guess what,

not much has changed other than GOVT recognises

that to remain in business PREVENTION increases

the likelihood of their removal; therefore,

SOLUTIONS are not actively pursued but, Profiting

Problems or perceived problems are embraced.

So, have you been arrested for the newest act of

insurrection known as Manspreading? Yeah,

social etiquette faux pas for taking up more than

one seat by spearading your legs, while riding on

the subway. As idiotic as this new crime may

appear it has massive Economic benefits for GOVT

because it enables Police to arrest, charge and check

for potential outstanding warrants. In other words,

Manspreading is the new Stop & Frisk. Indeed,

Criminality is profitable when GOVT goes Corporate

for Capitalism.

The truth is current Law Enforcement approach to

enforcing laws is to generate MONEY and NOT

deter REAL criminality. Being arrested, charged and

found guilty of a Felony has MASSIVE economic and

social consequences for one’s future as indicated by the

following: no voting privileges, prohibited from certain

jobs, loss of professional license, jury exclusion,

prohibited from owning firearm, prohibited from driving,

passport restrictions, prohibited from GOVT funded housing

and restricting one's ability to improve their quality of life.

In essence, GOVT has sought to criminalise minor

deviant acts and to generate Long-Term Residual

income by issuing summons by keeping those on

the lower end of the SES Ladder as permanent underclass.

The term Prison-Industrial Complex exists for a reason

because entities like Corrections Corporation of America

are generating massive income from new laws like

Mansporeading and Stop & Frisk. It's all about the Money

but, it's now run like a business so a to keep the money

coming, while keeping the streets SAFE for the public.

Indeed, the home-business approach has been instituted

by GOVT and it's more profitable to Criminalise than to

Rehabilitate. Clearly, the concept of WIN-WIN with

most home-business is absent with this current GOVT

approach; therefore, allow me to offer serious-minded

entrepreneurs like YOURSELF the opportunity to

function as Problem Solvers, who are committed to

helping those value seek SOLUTIONS to their problems.

Now, Success is the Best Revenge against naysayers;

however, how do you achieve and maintain it for the

longhaul? Especially, if you possess “Self-Limited

Thought Process”, Fear of Failure or a Criminal Record?

Well, the alternative is GOVT control and limited

personal success in life...does that appeal to YOU?

Undoubtedly, NO is your response but, people become

comfortable with dysfunction the longer they reside in it

which is why success remains elusive to those who are

unfamiliar with it or remain Status-quo. Your MIND is

slowly CONTROLLED by Self-Limiting Thought

Process through daily exposure like a VIRUS.

Ready to increase your success and AVOID

losing at what belongs to you? If yes, then,

I invite you to review our information.

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