Entitlement Mentality: Antithesis of Success In Life

Written by: Vaurn James

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Victory is reserved for those who are willing to

pay its price”.....Rickson Gracie

Everyone wants success but, not all are willing

to do what is necessary to achieve it. Why is

that, let's look and see if, we can arrive at a

SOLUTION or better yet and explanation.

With the Rise of the Entrepreneur, opportunity

and competition continue to explode for those

who are driven to achieve success. This is so,

because the myth of financial safety in the

traditional job has been DEBUNKED and both

Social & Economic Darwinism are the now the

reality. Adjust or Die, the old ways that are

unproven don't apply because technology has

changed the game. NOW, the question are you

ready to change and if not then, you will be like

the masses who yearn for victory but, more

comfortable complaining about those who

adjusted and achieved it.

For example, the largest retailer in the World is

Amazon and guess what, they don't own a single

Retail Store selling their products or services. Oh

yes, the E-tailer generated 61 Billion Dollars in

revenue (2012) but, operates football size stadium

warehouses. So, it is a new game with different

MINDSET needed to win; otherwise, you as an

entrepreneur are operating a Non-Profit Agency

and guarantee your arrival in the MLM Cemetery

for DEAD DEALERS. Sounds delightful doesn’t it.

Unfortunately, many of TODAY's youth and

young adults have been educated in our

Social Justice Warrior and Politically Correct

Post-Secondary Institutions and have developed

and embraced what is called the Entitlement

Mentality. Needless to say, the drive for

excellence and victory isn't viewed with the

same degree of admiration as it did in the past.

It's no longer about rewarding individual

achievement but, rewarding All Participants

so as to AVOID feelings of failure and/or inadequacy.

Now, Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, Feminists

and GOVT, have advocated and achieved major

change in the society, policy and Law to the detriment

of society with this worthless philosophy. We see

the entitlement mentality most frequently in social

welfare spending (Welfare Benefits); however, it has

also, invaded amateur Sports.

Now, James Harrison, Linebacker with

Pittsburgh Steelers, recently addressed this

issue (Entitlement Mentality) when he returned

two Participation Trophies given to his sons

for “showing up” in an athletic competition

although, they didn't earn them.

Clearly, James Harrison is Old School and

best to hear his words verbatim, “I came

home to find out that my boys received two

trophies for nothing, participation trophies!

While I am very proud of my boys for everything

they do and will encourage them till the day I die,

these trophies will be given back until they EARN

a real trophy”.

“I'm sorry I'm not sorry for believing that

everything in life should be earned and

I'm not about to raise two boys to be men

by making them believe that they are

entitled to something just because they

tried their best...cause sometimes your

best is not enough, and that should drive

you to want to do better...not cry and whine

until somebody gives you something to shut

up and keep you happy. #harrisonfamilyvalues".

James Harrison's rejection of Tokenism or Handouts

is very important not only for his sons' personal

development but also, racially. Although his sons

are Biracial (legally & genetically) in the real world

they are BLACK and will be judged by different

standards from their Caucasian peers. Affirmative

Action in amateur sports for young Black men can

only lead to disaster and fortunately Mr. Harrison

has stopped and highlighted the destructive nature of

Liberal Social Engineering that continues to promote

mediocrity. I applaud James Harrison for his intervention

and his actions are best summed in the following quote.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he

acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those

around him positively”.........Bob Marley

If, one looks closely YOU can see how the

Entitlement Mentality has and continues to

negatively impact society as indicated by the

way it has infected our children. If, you want

the best out of anyone but especially, your child

then, I assume you teach them to love the work so

they, recognize the importance of WORK and EARN it.

Yes, the Old Work Ethic still holds true because it

enhances creativity, innovation, discipline and

commitment towards achieving a goal and more

importantly, success. Very Simple, very Basic and

very effective because it isn't Politically Correct.

Unfortunately, Political Correctness is a CANCER

that continues to grow and DESTROY societies with

increasing social problems that require SOLUTIONS.

Let me say, “GOVT Profits from Problems and Special

Interest Groups sabotage SOLUTIONS because

Dependency is their ideology and more importantly, their

source of revenue..need I say more.

It's clear the GOVT wants future taxpayers so it can

Grow and Control the masses; however, how you do

you do it? Well, if you incentivise the masses from

doing their best then, you develop a more docile and

dependent citizenry that shuns success and embraces

mediocrity. Ever notice when you give away Free

Goodies to people they become complacent over

the course of time. Yes, that's the idea Reward for

Participation and NOT Success. When you can

Manipulate or Control your target's thinking then,

you have Won and the target is mindless automaton.

So, what do we do? “No Man is FREE who is not master

of himself”

The above quote is straight forward and is part of

developing and maintaining a Millionaire, Champion

or Success MINDSET. The meaning and benefits are

clear because those who want to achieve success in

business need to start with Cleaning their own house.

Talk soon.

Vaurn James

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