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Leads and Traffic are core to the success of your

Home-Business or any Business; otherwise, you're

operating a Non-Profit Agency and guarantees your

reservation for the MLM Cemetery for Dead Dealers.

As we know 90% of marketers on the Internet are

making little to NO Money which means an insufficient

number of eyes are looking at your products/services.

So, how do you achieve this daily challenge of creating

the Lifeblood (Leads & Traffic) of your enterprise and

what's the cost to keep the masses interested in you?

Well, let's begin with List Building or better known as

an Email-List as the standard method of putting your

business in the Black and NOT the Red. One slight

problem still exists and that's the “HOW”? How do

build your email list of like-minded entrepreneurs

who have a problem and it's your job to provide a

SOLUTION? What's the methodology or more

accurately, Marketing Strategy that enables you to

successfully connect with your Target Market?

Well, have you considered creating what's called a

Social Neural Network?

So, what is it and how does it work? Well, the best

way to describe and understand a Social Neural

Network is query if, you heard of Face book and

if yes, do you have an account? Respond in the

affirmative confirms you have a pulse and more

importantly, confirms that you joined the largest

Social Network in the World. Face book or any

other Social Network is an online platform that

allows subscribers to post ads, write, exchange

information, post videos, blog or transmit

information in some other form of communication

to others members who recognise VALUE in

your information. Clear so far, I hope? Good!

So, Face book, Reddit, Google+ and Linked In are

Social Networks but, what's a Social Neural Network?

Well, a Social Neural Network can be easily observed

in a Bee Colony as indicated by the following: “Honey

bees are social insects, which means that they live together

in large, well-organized family groups. A honey bee

colony typically consists of three kinds of adult bees:

workers, drones, and a queen. Several thousand worker

bees cooperate in nest building, food collection, and

brood rearing. Each member has a definite task to

perform, related to its adult age. But surviving and

reproducing take the combined efforts of the entire

colony. Individual bees (workers, drones, and queens)

cannot survive without the support of the colony”.

I think you get the picture; therefore, you created a

group of like-minded entrepreneurs who agreed to

join and receive information that has VALUE and

more importantly, solves a problem for them.

Additionally, those members are asked to contribute

by providing information or some function that

addresses an issue of importance to the group.

Do, you see how the “collective effort focused

on an issue creates the Social Neural Network?”.

Because of the familiarity and like-mindedness

of subscribers within a Social Network then, they

are more receptive to purchasing products/services

that you offer as possible SOLUTION to a

problem while becoming what is called a

Cognitive Lead. In essence, because of past and

/or current correspondence among peers likelihood

of success is increased. It's about being on the same page.

Lead and Traffic Generation for any business is a

symbiotic relationship where two more participants

collective efforts work together to achieve success.

This is why the saying “strength in numbers” holds


However, like anything in life when change occurs you

must adapt or perish if, you expect to evolve into the future.

Business is expert at adapting to new circumstances

and Markethive is no different. Markethive is an example

of an Inbound Marketing system that has advanced in

it's development of generating Cognitive Leads that

give you an unfair advantage. If, you are an entrepreneur

who wants to learn the importance of Social Neural

Networks and the role they play in bringing VALUE

to your target market then, I invite you to review our

information and learn why accessing the apex of

Social Neural Networks for entrepreneurs begins here.

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