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Indeed SALES or Selling is the World's

Oldest and most profitable profession in

the World, because it has existed since

Homosapien evolved on this planet

known as Earth and continues to evolve.

Now, you may initially thought via the

the blog title I was referring to Prostitution

and I understand your thinking but, you

would be wrong. After all, Prostitution is

the exchange of Money for “S-E-X” and

by that definition Marriage and Dating

are no different than marketing one's

body in exchange for financial

compensation (it's entreprenuerism).

In fact, when you tie the Old Noose, I mean,

KNOT, you engage in the act of “SELLING”

yourself to another individual to partner in a

business called Marriage. Needless to say,

marriage isn't a business venture that has a

great success rate but, society continues to

sell the image of Husband, Wife, 1.8 Children

and a dog, to the masses to generate

revenue through Taxes. Not very romantic

but, neither is a lifetime commitment.

Now, what is SALES? Well, allow me to

provide a copy righted definition, “Selling

is an act in completion of a commercial activity.

Selling is the way that you help customers to

buy products and services from your business.

You need to be able to meet the needs of your

customers and provide value for money solutions”.

So, are you ready to increase your VALUE

and Skills as a Home Business owner/entrepreneur

and generate Consistent, Predictable and Long-Term

Residual income for Yourself?

If yes, then, I invite you to examine our information and

eliminate any Self Destructive Conduct that is costing you

Money and accelerating YOUR arrival in the MLM Cemetery.

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