Marriage is too Expensive.....Avoid the P-O-N-Z-I Scheme!!


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Marriage is GOVT., sanctioned P-O-N-Z-I

scheme that allows for legal EXTRACTION

of more than 50% of your current and future

assets and resources because you signed a

legal contract for s-e-x-u-a-l access to a

partner that has more rights than yourself.”

 No wonder, Lawyers can steal more money

 with a briefcase than a thousand men with

 guns and masks”.......

Vaurn James & Don Corleone


So, the world's oldest profession is Prostitution but, did you know Marriage is the world's oldest business?   Yes, I know in past articles I insisted SALES was both the oldest profession and business throughout history but, I was clearly wrong because both mummy and daddy had to enter into a legal contract called marriage or better known as “Tying the NOOSE”.  Oh yes, in all marriages there is a third-party in this ménage-a-trio triumvirate known as the State.  Be careful of the state because it both encourages marriage, while severely penalizing those who want out of it.  In fact, even when divorce is legally granted one finds himself still paying financially decades later and sometimes for life because he once foolishly said, “I, do”.  Now, you have to ask yourself the following question, “why would marriage be considered a Ponzi scheme and is there any evidence that would support such a claim?”


Firstly, “Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors”. “The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors”. This scam actually yields the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors. “These schemes usually collapse on themselves when the new investments stop”.   


Alright, when you consider marriage as a business opportunity that promises long-term happiness throughout life and supported by tax benefits from the government then, it’s no surprise that another sucker walks the aisles into an institution that increasingly has proven to be dangerous for your financial, emotional, psychological and legal health.  I do wish those in the gay community luck.  



When you have a third-party (State) in your relationship then, you know the viability of that partnership has diminished significantly and time to consider another cost-benefit analysis regarding the feasibility of getting out before you become a victim of Economic Darwinism via No Fault Divorce.  I strongly recommend you execute a review of your divorce laws in your jurisdiction (with your attorney) and learn what is considered a long-term marriage so as, to consider getting out at the halfway point.  Hey, marriage is a business and continuing to invest in what you now recognise to be a “non-profit agency” is an example of financial irresponsibility.   In fact, you have a fiduciary responsibility to yourself and your children; however, other entities will make the dissolution process of the marriage very difficult and costly because mixing business with pleasure is a very dangerous and sometimes fatal game.       


So, do you understand anyone who successfully confirmed marriage or parenthood had essentially became a business owner?  Now, most men don't recognise their decision to “Tie the Noose” or become a father in the long-run will cost them significant sums of their current and future (Yes, 401K, stocks, bonds, business, etc.,) earning potential?  Society encourages this practice of Legal Prostitution; however, only in the last century has this institution become romanticised and incentivised with the help of the state to create public policy that encourages men and women to be joined in a so called Holy Union or institution when you think about it (lol!!!).  Now, marriage has clear benefits in the raising of children; however, Family Courts and attorneys have shown the policy of “Best Interest of Children” as a farce especially with rampant examples of Parental Alienation and False Child Sexual abuse allegations designed to gain custody in favour of the mum.  Indeed, kids are often pawns in a Ponzi Scheme.          


Now everyone has heard of Alimony (Vaginamoney) and child-support because both are billion dollar industries monestised and controlled by GOVT; however, do you realise the startup cost for one child as per the United States Department of Agriculture is approximately $250,000 Dollars (0-18 years old).  Yes, a quarter of a million dollars from birth through age 18-years old which doesn't include college and other expected miscellaneous expenses.  So, is it worth spending $250,000 per kid?  Oh yes, most people have more than one child; therefore, let's increase the cost to $500,000.00 dollars....Christ!!!!!!!


What could you do with $250K-$500K dollars?  What kind of investments or purchase of stocks you could make with such a large sum of money?  Think about it long-term.  Since, marriage has a failure rate of more than 50%, women initiating 70% of the divorces and child-custody is given to the mum 90% of the time.  Oh yes, a request for an adjustment (increase) is always granted by the Family Court Judge then, what is the benefit in becoming a father?  Well, the answer is simple....the same benefit in being married and that's another Institution where you have to be an inmate mentally before volunteering for this form of abuse.  Alright, I am reaching a little because fatherhood can be a great experience but again, Family Court’s often make fathers as the non-custodial parent which makes being a father difficult when access is limited to every other weekend.  Additionally, being a father is very expensive especially through polices like Title IV-D


So, the institutions of husband and father have become less attractive and more expensive for men for obvious reasons.  Allow me to offer a better solution for the replacement of signing a legal contract. 

Home Business or entrepreneurship are about relationship building.  Yes, you develop an intimate relationship with a female and sire children to form that corporation called a Family.  Only, problem

with this unique business venture there are costs like: Alimony for Life, child-support w/College Years, child-support w/Paternity Fraud and miscellaneous family court fees....lovely!!  Hey, Family Court funds itself through the fees it charges and 95% of the participants cannot afford it.


So, consider the cost-benefit analysis of being a traditional daddy versus entrepreneur and what is the payoff?  Exactly, in a capitalist society Cash is King but, the more people you help in making cash for

themselves then, you are elevated to status of emperor.  Seems if, you develop a relationship with serious-minded entrepreneurs to create a WIN-WIN for both then, your benefits are more profitable and long-term.


You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want….. Zig Ziglar


So, are you ready to increase your value and skills as a home business owner/entrepreneur and generate consistent, predictable and long-term residual   income for yourself and not your former partner?  If yes, then, I invite you to examine our information and eliminate any Self Limiting Beliefs that are costing you Money and accelerating YOUR arrival in the MLM Cemetery.


Behind every great man is a man greater, his father.” 
― Habeeb Akande


“Historically he's been the leader, provider and overall responsible for everything and everyone

in his domicile; however, his RIGHTS have diminished and responsibilities increased,while losing his freedom if, he cannot afford the expenses due to signing a Legal Contract”

.......Vaurn James


Vaurn James









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