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Poverty Mindset: A Generational Virus of The Poor's Home Business Report

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In the immortal words of my old mate

T.S. Elliot,

Success is relative. It is what we make of the

mess we have made of things.”

Alright, what does this quote have anything to

do with making money online with a Home

Business? Well, a lot because it suggest if,

one is Successful then, he/she developed a

MINDSET that recognizes the importance of

making progress albeit small if necessary to

achieve a greater goal.

Oh yes, Tag-A-Long relatives will also, try to

attach themselves to your FAME and PROFIT

from your Success because guilt is an effective weapon

Now, many Poor and Middle-class are the same

people who suffer from a Poverty Mindset; yet,

when things go well for a relative then, they're on

the bandwagon with their bloody hands out despite,

their past skepticism and mocking of the relative

who attempted to make things better for himself/herself.

Do you recognise that Marriage and/or Parenthood are both

Businesses. If not then, you're already in TROUBLE ,

because both generates Billions of Dollars for Courts,

Attorneys, Forensic Psychologists and other experts

needed in judicial hearings. Additionally, marriage is a

P-O-N-Z-I Scheme because it's business enterprise

endorsed by GOVT, but costs more to LEAVE than to

start. Needless to say, such a business leads to POVERTY.

Clearly, those in the legal profession and their adjuncts

are the antithesis of those with a Poverty Mindset and

more Millionaire in Mindset. They play to WIN by going

back and forth to court to keep generating legal fees so as

to remind clients they get as much justice as they can AFFORD.

Unfortunately, people with a Poverty Mindset don't pass-

down Generational Wealth but, Generational Poverty

because the STRUGGLE has become a source of PRIDE.

The funny thing about PRIDE is one can have too much and

refuse to relinquish it even when it's costing you everything.

Ever notice how many Inner-city families are generational

recipients of monthly GOVT maintenance, while having no

MALE presence within the home. Now, the family is the basic

Economic Unit for all communities; however, when the

family is absent a paternal leader then, the structure is

broken and dependence on GOVT is all guaranteed

for both women and their children. Needless to say, when

a partnership is missing half its leadership then, you are

essentially operating a Non-Profit Agency and destined for

the MLM Cemetery for Dead Dealers.

Unfortunately in our technologically advanced world FEAR

id being SOLD by those in POWER and those on the lower

tier of the SES Ladder have embraced this belief system and

passed it down the Generational Ladder where Learned

Helplessness is considered NORMAL. Ironically, the Law

of Attraction is working negatively for those who embrace

a Poverty Mindset. As the Law of Attraction goes you must

Believe before you Receive.

Your thoughts create your Self-Image so

be careful of the way you THINK.

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