You Want Wealth and Not Money: Ask Former Millionaire Athletes


Are African American Athletes the worst Economists around

in Professional Sports? Despite being rewarded with contracts

that easily enter 10 digits many have declared Chapter 11...Yes,

11not 7 because high performance athletics is Big Business

globally and athletes are likewise individualised Corporate Entities least, for Branding and Marketing purposes. In truth, Business

is the ultimate True Sport; however, many athletes have PROVEN to

be unprepared to enter, participate and WIN in the “Business of

Professional Sports”.


Unfortunately, for many athletes of Today and recent past FAILED

at “Getting Money Right”. In fact, many of them ironically

developed a “Poverty Mindset” and not what was needed for victory

a “Champion Mindset”.


Many of these superstars thought like Champions to WIN Championships

for their team; yet, thought like Failures despite possessing millions

in dollars and access to unlimited resources to maintain and increase their

own Wealth..presuming they thought Wealth and not Death.


Hard to believe but, not really when you think about it many of

these athletes developed a “Lottery Mentality”...they hit the jackpot

but, lacked the qualities and guidance needed to “Build” and “Grow”

their own financial empire after they retire from Sports.


Here's a Basic Lesson of Economics, if an Individual WINS

$50 Million dollars but, FAILS to develop a Mindset equal

so as to manage or learn to mange that money then, that Money

is useless and eventually wasted by it's owner. This is why

College/University opportunities should not be wasted.


So, as a Marketer/Home business owner are you ready to learn

and develop the right MINDSET needed to build wealth and

not rely on luck? If yes, then, please review our information:


Publisher: Vaurn James's Home Business Report