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Market Purge Continues As Crypto Industry Strives For Maturity. Perfect Timing For Markethive

Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on July 02, 2022 - 5:51am Edited 7/4 at 11:15pm

Market Purge Continues As Crypto Industry Strives For Maturity. Perfect Timing For Markethive

Also, Updates On New Integrations And The Markethive Wallet

As the bear market continues wth its crypto-cleanse and traders bemoan the adverse price action, some industry leaders opine these conditions will eradicate bad actors and create more significant opportunities for upcoming projects and future participants. Several leading crypto analysts and engineers embrace the idea that this is the time to engage in moves leading to the loftiest gains when the bull cycle returns. 

Markethive stands firm with these sentiments and continues to build its next-generation entrepreneurial platform and be ready for the market-cleansed bull run. Those on the Markethive journey may be aware that new features are being integrated into the newsfeed in preparation for the five-channel dashboard housing various feeds. 

The new features and upload capabilities now active on the platform include; 


Emojis include a range of bees, appropriate for the Hive and a fantastic way to make the workplace and your social interactions fun. A poll conducted by Appboy found that people enjoy emojis in general. More than 64% like or love emojis, compared to only 6% dislike them. 


Another sought-after feature by many entrepreneurs is now live on the Markethive platform. This is a great way to gauge reactions, opinions, and information from the community at large. Perhaps you could do a poll to see how the Markethive community like the new emoji integration. 

Images and Gifs

We now have a new way to upload images and gifs either directly from any website or personal computer. Simply copy the image from the origin and paste it to the desired location in Markethive, or paste in the image address. With gifs, paste the image address unless you are copying from your files with your device. This is a requirement for the animation to work.  


Now you can upload videos directly from your device into Markethive as part of the Markethive video system. This is the inception of the Markethive Video Channel that will be integrated into the new dashboard, where you can post your video from Markethive directly to many other media platforms by way of a permalink. 

You can also upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble, and Bitchute, which will play directly on the newsfeed. This negates being taken away from the Markethive site.  

Significant upgrades have also been installed for the internal Markethive Messaging interface, Newsfeed, and comments system. 


And It’s Just The Beginning

This is just the beginning of the dynamic transformation and direction Markethive is moving towards. The innovative five-channel dashboard integration will consist of five newsfeeds—the general newsfeed, the blog, the video channel, curation, and surveys.

It will significantly streamline your activities and business facilitation and will include a search engine so you can build your personal algorithms. This will save time and effort by eliminating what you don’t want to see in your newsfeeds, be more intuitive, and enhance the user experience. 


The Markethive Wallet

CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast, and the team of engineers have made substantial headway with the wallet. It is all but done, and the release is imminent. It’s not a simple wallet that just transfers coins. It is a complete portfolio and accounts of all your transactions, payments, and affairs, including your ILPs. The wallet comprises fourteen major foundational processes and is your internal wallet on the Markethive database. 

An itemized account on all elements of the wallet is as follows;

1 Hivecoin wallet (done) for sending and receiving coin (initially for upgrades only) ✅

2 The New Vault (done) with Feed the Vault and Auto fund thresholds and deposits tracking control panel  including the following:
   a. Subscriptions ✅
   b. Payment History ✅
   c. Payment Methods ✅

3 Markethive Credits (done) Markethive Credits are used to pay for Markethive services.✅ 
   A Markethive credit is a credit token valued at $1 USD per token and can be purchased with a credit card, crypto, (and Hivecoin after we are on the exchanges)

4 ILP notes control panel (this is the last function being built)

5 Hivecoin price chart scale (will be integrated when the coin is listed)

6 Subscriptions Control (done) ✅

7 Payment History (done) ✅

8 Payment Methods (done) ✅

9 Crypto Merchant Account (done) (turnkey for upgrade members use also) ✅

10 Feed The Vault (done) ✅

11 Vault Deposit History (done) ✅

12 Vault Threshold (done) ✅

13 New Staking (done). ✅
    Markethive Credits will receive staking. Hivecoin will no longer be staked. 

14 Coin Clip History (done) ✅

The many facets of the Wallet are completed except the ILP platform, which is nearing completion. Once these facets are completed, they all need to be designed into the wallet's interface. The Merchant Account, the Vault Interface, and Markethive Credits components are already completed. 

As we approach the wallet release, the Coin Drop incentive for people joining Markethive will be reduced from 500 HVC to 50 HVC, and new Entrepreneur One accounts will no longer be available. Simultaneously, we will release our Premium upgrades at a reduced cost, enabling members to take advantage of the many benefits and services Markethive offers.  

As stated by Thomas Prendergast,

“After the release of the wallet, we will launch a new offshore company to begin building our own exchange. We will also have several campaigns engaged in getting listed on as many exchanges as we can as quickly as we can.”


The Current Crypto Landscape

Although we are deeply immersed in a bear market, Markethive continues to progress in its development. As the entrepreneurial culture is knitted into the fabric of Markethive, its community sees the bigger picture and is aligned with the sentiments of the industry experts.

According to experts, crypto winters are actually good for Bitcoin; For example, pivotal projects like the Lightning Network, a major Bitcoin-related project enabling cheaper, faster Bitcoin transactions, were developed during bear markets. The initial concept of the Lightning Network was formulated during the bear market of 2015. 

Also, people in the industry continue to reiterate that bear markets are actually healthy for the crypto industry, as they remove speculators and scams while providing space to build genuine and excellent products and services.

In recent weeks, a wave of panic has swept through the crypto community, with BTC miners' selling activity rising to seven-month highs as mining profitability dropped to levels last seen in October 2020. 

The Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index  posted that it recently fell to 7, indicating 'extreme fear,' the lowest number since the pre-pandemic Q3 2019. The self-updating image below shows a more positive rating at the time of writing, although it is still in the extreme fear category. But according to some industry experts, the recent events in the industry do not look as bad as they first appear and the bear market is not to be feared. 


Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index



Anthony Pompliano, in a recent interview with Fox News, explained that Bitcoin’s value and price are diverging and that weak hands are selling to strong hands. 

“What we’re watching right now is the transfer from weak, short-term oriented people with weak hands into the long-term oriented, strong hands.”

Trezor Bitcoin analyst Josef Tětek told Cointelegraph,

“Bear markets are good for Bitcoin. Builders face fewer distractions, and the fake ‘project founders’ that were only looking for a quick VC funding and naive retail exit liquidity disappear as quickly as they previously appeared. Real builders rejoice when all the bullshit gets washed out.”


Perfect Timing For Markethive

So the timing couldn’t be better for Markethive to distinguish itself and gain prominence in the crypto market as the blockchain-driven multi-media network pioneer. The purpose of Markethive is to deliver a broadcasting platform, marketing systems, and communication interface, all based on Biblical principles where truth, freedom, and liberty are the foundation and intrinsic to the entrepreneur. 

Markethive and its community stand by these principles and are inherently guided by Divine Providence, where everything takes shape in God’s timing, not ours. Markethive is in every country in the world and ready to lift millions of people into an environment of freedom of speech and information, financial sovereignty, and well-being. We are responsible for creating a massive army for the Lord and a foundation for the last days; The final harvest.  

We live in uncertain times, prophesied as the end times, with catastrophic events impacting society on every level. With the global economy in free fall, the need for a different approach is here, and these events are forcing the crypto industry to grow and mature. Markethive is here to pave the way as one of the new innovative technologies that will rise in the wake of this bear market.

 Come to our Sunday meetings at 10 am MST as we approach massive major upgrades and the wallet launch. See and hear explanations, ask questions, and witness the ever-evolving technology and concepts of Markethive. The link to the meeting room is located in the Markethive Calendar. 




Also published @ BeforeIt’sNews.com: https://beforeitsnews.com/market-purge-continues-as-crypto-industry-strives-for-maturity-perfect-timing-for-markethive



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