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Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on May 08, 2020 - 4:06am


Markethive is a mighty light on the mountain attracting the multitudes, the millions into our city to prepare for financial sovereignty, and be free in this world of suppression and authoritarianism. The next-generation market network is expanding daily as more and more people see the magnificent vision as Markethive progresses with the many integrations, various platforms, and money-making systems that make up the complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 


The Two Primary Engines

Markethive has two engines driving it and working simultaneously bringing millions of entrepreneurs into this safe haven which is the central hub and gateway to the internet universe. Social media and online marketing platforms or digital media sites typically only have one engine. LinkedIn, for example, only has a subscriber engine meaning they get their traffic through people subscribing to them so basically you have to log in to LinkedIn to see their platform. CoinTelegraph, a high profile digital media site, is predominantly a traffic engine. 

Both the subscriber and traffic engines’ speed and power are measured by Alexa and WorthOfWeb and in the case of Markethive, they are growing daily in an exponential fashion. Just to give you an idea the infographic below shows how Markethive has grown in the last 2 years. It consists of a combination of internal and external statistics: 

On the left is Markethive’s traffic engine where it shows 28% of traffic is coming through external referral sites which is incredible numbers. 7% search traffic and 3% social traffic is very significant along with 62% direct traffic that is coming from the subscriber engine. So the growth rate of Markethive since 2017 is a whopping 2,849%.
On the right are the current statistics of the subscriber engine with the members’ growth in the last 6 months now tipping 90.8K. New subscribers in the last month are up by 227%. These are all validated accounts as Markethive has negated any issues of individual members creating numerous accounts. It delivers real people into the system using OAuth, KYC, and SMS

These numbers are not static, they are always increasing but this infographic is a good indication and illustration of both engines.  



Markethive is now present in every country worldwide, in every nation with people from every race, creed, age group, professional and personal interests. With all the spectrums of all the things that many platforms use to divide us Markethive is using to unite us because what we all have in common in Markethive is liberty, freedom, economic sovereignty, and entrepreneurialism. That is our common, binding factor and is very powerful. Markethive is rising to become the world leader for entrepreneurs of every language, every religion, and every kingdom and nation.

The Markethive Reach is currently at 12.9 Million Monthly unique visitors. 64.9 Million monthly page views. Our social following is at 63.2 K and Markethive subscribers at 90.8 K and growing daily. 


An Engine Within The Engine

Through our social network and blogging platform, we connect with entrepreneurs, techies, crypto nerds, artists, innovators, musicians, and business professionals, both subscribers, and traffic. Below are just a few social networks (there are many more) Markethive has integrated enabling automatic subscribing and sharing and as we grow, this will create a reach into the billions. For example, If only 42% of 10 million with an average of 5000 followers subscribe to your blog, that equates to 21 billion people that you have reached and are able to read your blog. What a great engine to have within an engine! It’s coming alive with tremendous power. 

The Next Stage Will Evoke More Growth 

The Apprentice Program, which is an entry-level membership will be launching soon at a very low cost allowing members to benefit from a matching bonus airdrop of 100 MHV for the first three referrals they bring into Markethive. The Apprentice membership will also be able to buy and resell banner impressions from the Entrepreneur One members, which really accelerates the cottage industry process. 

The Apprentice and Journeyman upgrades are not money machines per se, but they do contain benefits that will become more clear to you, closer to the roll-out of these memberships. Another benefit being considered is that 50% of the price of these upgrades can be paid in MHV, and the other 50% to be paid via CC or PayPal at launch. This next stage will cause Markethive’s growth to explode even more.  


Money Machines And Strategies To Reach Our Audience

CPM Display
Right now we have the banners and the Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX) is part of that and projected to be delivered on May 15, 2020. Banners are still a very good source of advertising in the online world and the banners are displayed across the many domains Markethive has, resulting in maximum exposure. 

Social Newsfeed Boost
This is the only form of advertising on LinkedIn and Twitter. Unlike Markethive they don’t have banner ads or video ads, it’s all done through their newsfeed. It is a great way to market to a social media audience, and Markethive will be integrating this with the expected release in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Newsletter Sponsorship 
Markethive is an inbound marketing and digital media platform and it is also a subscription-based social network. All members have validated email and phone numbers so this is a very effective way to raise brand a product awareness among the global subscribers. This is more expensive for people to utilize, however, Markethive is able to offer this as just another way to market your brand. Development is forecast to begin the 2nd quarter of 2020.  

Press Release
Markethive receives large traffic to its many sites along with major followers in all social media accounts and also delivers a Wordpress Plugin that allows members to publish from Markethive to their WP sites and beyond. The Markethive press release system publishes to 1,700+ news sites, our social followers, all Markethive’s heavily trafficked sites, and to 15,000+ members’ WP sites. Development is forecast to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2020. 

Sponsored Articles
Sponsored articles are very similar to the Press Release service but instead of an announcement the Press release delivers, it can be an article to bring awareness on any brand, topic, news, or otherwise, you care to share. Markethive is a digital media publishing platform where many writers and bloggers, as well as Markethive’s own writing staff, publish their content creating a following, thereby attracting traffic  These articles are published to Markethive front pages, broadcasted to the Markethive social networks and Word Press distribution. This makes Markethive thousand times more powerful than other news sites and platforms. 

Gamified Video Advertising 
Markethive makes video advertising compelling, effective, and well distributed. Your sponsored video will randomly float across the members’ dashboard on Markethive. If a member catches and watches the video until the end, they will be rewarded with MHV coins and prizes.  Gamification and rewards for watching the videos and also perks for responding and sharing to their social networks do inspire people to participate making it fun and rewarding for all.

 The BIX Exchange. The 1st Of Many Money Machines And Another Engine


MHV To Become A Very Popular Currency

The Markethive Coin will be listed on a number of exchanges where positive relationships are currently being established. Yobit.net is most likely to be the first one that MHV will be listed, so go there and open an account, get familiar with the site, see the trading activity of a multitude of other coins and be ready for the next step on your journey with Markethive. The site gives away free coins along with games to earn more coins. 

The Markethive Coin (MHV) will also be offered for free on Yobit and upon clicking to get the free coins they will need to subscribe to Markethive where they will receive the MHV airdrop as well. 

But, before we go full throttle, Markethive will have several ways to utilize MHV ensuring its increase in value including building relationships with the various digital media sites integrating API plugins where MHV can be used to advertise, thereby creating a market place outside of the Markethive ecosystem that accepts our coin. 

This is just the first layer, the tip of the iceberg of Markethive’s vision and plans. The more money machines we produce, the more security and financial sovereignty we spread, the more uses for our coin. Ultimately, MHV will be the only transactor or form of payment for any of the services and products Markethive or the entrepreneurs within Markethive offer. 

Although everyone will be able to earn MHV on the Markethive platform continuously, there will always be the option to buy the coin from the exchanges and bring it in and utilize it for the services which are legitimate and highly sought after in the online world of business and marketing. 

What Does The Markethive Audience Consist Of? 

It’s entrepreneurs, a very powerful, vertical audience. They are people that are looking for the services that the majority of the people on the internet sell. Training, ebooks, live mentoring, software enhancements, SEO services, and tracking, etc. So essentially we are producing this tremendous target for 3rd party advertisers to want to advertise on the Markethive platform and related domains. 

No other system out there utilizes their coin that they produce to pay for advertising on their platform. They only accept other coins as a form of payment. Markethive will be the first and one where other sites and forums will take an interest in by implementing API’s to be able to transact with MHV across various platforms. 

MHV will become very popular because it represents a vertical, unique set of engines, a traffic engine, and a subscriber engine and Markethive subscribers are the world’s entrepreneurs.  So we accumulate, hold, and spend, then let the free market do the rest and watch the Markethive Consumer Coin increase in value. 


As CEO, Founder, and Visionary, Thomas Prendergast says,

“The true value of the coin will become apparent when we are listed in a real exchange like Yobit, Binance, Kraken, and the wallets are in place. But I can tell you no other coin has the magnitude of use and demand for real-world services. No other coin has as big a community like us. No other coin has nearly the traffic we have.”


No other social, marketing, or digital media company has incorporated  Blockchain technology, with its own financial economy along with every tool and portal imaginable to make Markethive an all-encompassing system that entrepreneurs and companies overall et al, will embrace when they see its power. 

Markethive is delivering a ‘state of the art platform’ to you, but it is your company. It’s been built for the community and brings self-sovereignty, privacy, autonomy to every individual with a genuine opportunity to be in control of your future, peace of mind, fulfilling your potential, creating wealth, and able to prosper in so many ways. 

With its two main engines at the helm and secondary engines such as the MHV coin and exchange as well as all cottage businesses within Markethive reaching out to all other platforms is fundamentally the core, the epicenter where we all work in collaboration ensuring everyone’s success. Markethive is its name, Entrepreneurialism is its game. 



ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Deb Williams
A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept, and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 





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