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Attention Men: Stress is Deadly...AVOID Marriage and Do Entrepreneurship  Image result for marriage is a ponzi scheme

“Marriage is GOVT., sanctioned P-O-N-Z-I scheme that allows for legal EXTRACTION of more than 50% of your assets and resources because you signed a Legal Contract for s-e-x-u-a-l access to a partner that has more rights than yourself.”.  No wonder, Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks”....... Vaurn James & Don Corleone

If, you are male then, it's very important to value your health because in today's highly technological, competitive and gynocentric World, you're viewed as Disposable if, your Economic Value is below 6 figures. Sad, but very True and time to recognise intimate relationships can and often lead to destruction.  “Intimate partner relationships are a Business and Profit is derived from it's dissolution and not longevity as indicated by transferring of wealth from Men to Women”......Vaurn James

Unfortunately, many of TODAY's men have FAILED and continue to FAIL to recognise the ancient institution known as Marriage has always remained at its core a BUSINESS.  Now, with operating any business STRESS is part of the process and must be properly managed; otherwise, you will be operating a Non-Profit Agency better known as the MLM Cemetery
for Dead Dealers.  Indeed, money is useless if, you are not around to spend it.  FACT!!!

Now, more and more men have gradually come to the realisation that it's about Quality of Life and NOT Money (OK, not completely but, it plays an important role if, you want a good quality of life).  Nevertheless, the chaotic journey it took these men to arrive at this conclusion is nothing short of HORRIFIC and illustrated the importance of learning about Life Decisions with the COSTS (Financial, Emotional, Psychological & Legal) of partnering with another individual in any business venture.  This holds very true for marriage; hence, investing in a Family Law Attorney and Financial Planner should always be your first investment when you're ready to Tie The Noose, I mean Knot. It's nothing personal just Business and the business of '
Marriage can be and is a Killer of Men for the following reasons:

  • Financial Stress
  • Communication Problems
  • Family Stressors
  • Sexual Issues
  • Discord Regarding Friends
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Negative Personality Traits
  • Expectations
  • Poor Time Management
  • In-Laws
  • Health Problems
  • No fault Divorce
  • Paternity Fraud
  • False Domestic Violence allegations
  • False Rape/Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • Mental Illness
  • Intimate partner pressure to keep up with the multi-millionaires
  • Female Hypergamy
  • Maternal vaginisation since from childhood into adulthood

Isn't it bloody amazing that MEN volunteer and in fact, forfeit more than 50% of their current assets/resources and future earning potential to say, “ I, DO”.  Yeah, “he's In Love” but, since 70% of divorces are initiated by women, 95% of child custody awarded to the mum, Alimony is a given to her and Child-Support ...well, I don't even need to finish the bloody sentence, one could legitimately assert than Men who marry are Insane or perhaps possibly under the influence of DRUGS.

Like a good Pimp or Drug dealer the goal is to keep the customer “HIGH” because a sober and free thinking individual is harder to manipulate and control.  Well, guess what, society does the same thing with the P-O-N-Z-I scheme called Marriage. Think about society's constant encouragement of marriage, TV commercials about wedding rights, pseudo-research extolling the benefits of signing the Legal Contractor and lying to little girl;s about Prince Charming, who will pay for everything because it's thew Man's Duty.  Yes, society prefers to be “kissed with a LIE, than slapped in the face with the truth”.  Cannot imagine why relationships and marriage are in trouble.
Ironically, Business and Marriage are both based on Relationship Building but, choosing the RIGHT partner is key to your long-term success.  When it comes to the Institution of Marriage maybe you should embrace Home Business as an Intimate Partner because of the Cost-Benefit of marriage and eventually, Divorce.  It's clear TODAY's Male -Female relations are now and perhaps always been MONESTISED. Now, the pleasantry are over let's look at the benefit of being and/or becoming a Business Entrepreneur and not an Economic Mercenary. Being an entrepreneur by definition is an Individual who goes his own way and unwilling to be subservient to Corporate nor GOVT Masters.

“No Man is FREE who is not master of himself” The above quote is straight forward and is part of developing and maintaining a Millionaire, Champion or Success MINDSET.  The meaning and benefits are clear because those who want to achieve success in business need to start with Cleaning their own house.

Vaurn James