Men: Pursue Entrepreneurship but, Avoid Marriage …. Too Bloody Risky

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"Even though I married my wife and I loved her, I don't think it ever came up to the passion that I feel for my company."…Tim Askew

“I don’t think you can name too many great inventions that have been created by married men” – Nikola Tesla

“What's worse, a failed marriage can all too easily destroy even a thriving entrepreneurial business”.

"I basically jeopardized the family's finances to fund my startup," says Penelope Trunk of her third company, Brazen Careerist, which hosted virtual job recruiting events. "We cashed out our 401(k)s. We ran out of money twice. We had the electricity turned off."

Am I, bias or passionate?  Well, it doesn’t matter because you’re here and you can agree or disagree.

Well, Brexit’s Leave campaign was successful and while, the startup companies and entrepreneurs are nervous because it’s about renegotiations with both Britain and European Union to access the single market.  Business will carry on because profit is the ultimate aphrodisiac in any language; however, there is one business where renegotiations are deadly and should be avoided at all costs before you tying the noose, I mean knot, yep, you got it marriage.  Imagine signing a legal document where you knowingly are taking the ultimate risk where you’re forfeiting at minimum 50% of your current and future earnings to a partner that one day says, “I am unhappy and want a divorce”.  Now, if you’re an entrepreneur with a successful company then, that’s community property and half its value is going to your ex…how do you feel about that?  As H.L., Mencken, said, “the longest “sentence” you can form with two words is “I, do”.  Indeed, once the marriage is over then, “you have two dead corpses propping up each other with their respective rigormortis”.  Seems the best solution for these renegades that take risks is to refrain from the ultimate commitment, which is Holy Matrimony because it’s the ultimate Ponzi Scheme that’s approved by government and society for economic, religious, societal and political reasons.  Yeah, like in the Matrix the elite want you to buy in and indoctrination starts at a very early age.    

Now, entrepreneurship and marriage are two diametrically opposing institutions as indicated by the former involving innovation and risk-taking to create products/services that enhance business, while providing a solution to a problem and bringing value to the marketplace.  Now, the former (marriage) is about stability and nurturing members of an intimate collective that was created through the ultimate violation of mixing business with pleasure.  In both cases the same spearhead is trying to balance, while providing financial and emotional stability to both his families.  Unfortunately, the home-family ultimately suffers because the spearhead’s thoughts, passion, resources and attention is invested primarily in work-family which stimulates his emotions due to the constant changes and adjustments involved in operating his business.  When your business becomes your mistress and takes you away from your kids then, hard decisions have to be made that have long-term implications to both family structures.  “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi, executive, head coach, player NFL.  Indeed, business is the ultimate game in life, just ask the winners.  

Now, marriage is a contract or more accurately, a business contract and love is optional.  If, you’re skeptical of the last statement then, I refer you to Briffaults Law (the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the family in the animal kingdom, where the female can no longer derive benefit from the association with the male, no such association takes place) for confirmation.  I recommend that any relationship building on your part should be directed towards entrepreneurship or home-based business and not marriage.  The benefits are obvious and most importantly, no redistribution of wealth due state enforced extraction of resources due to the fact, you said, “I, do”.   “It’s nothing personal but, business is business” and Marriage is a contract but, admitting it means the institution is just another business. 

With marriage being a significant source of revenue for government then, it’s time to look at the institution from a pure legal and cost-benefit analysis which is more honest.  For example, Property Distribution Laws in theory are about equitable division of assets and resources earned during the marriage; however, the concept of Standard of Living has led to essentially lifetime alimony even after the marriage is over.  Imagine being responsible for ensuring your ex’s standard of living is commensurate or even better than your own despite, forfeiture of 50% of your accumulated wealth.  Sounds like governmental incentivized dependence on a system that promotes continued litigation and no accountability for eventual, financial independence.  Charles Dickens was accurate when he said, “the one great principle of the English law is, to make business for itself”.  "It's just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man", yeah, right.  With marriage being a significant source of revenue for government then, it’s time to look at the institution from a pure legal and cost-benefit analysis which is more honest. 

Yes, they don’t teach nor discuss this kind of education in school because compliance is more important than critical thinking, which is an important component of entrepreneurship.  The elite don’t want too many of us running off the reservation and developing a Millionaire Mindset because it circles backs to the way the elite think versus those who are working-poor or middle class.  Want real success in anything then, it starts working on the internal you and this is why entrepreneurship and its partner Inbound Marketing must become your standard method of thinking and execution in business. 


Vaurn James