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Time To Move Out From Under The Oppressive Overreach Of Bureaucrats and Technocrats

Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on February 26, 2022 - 5:17am Edited 2/27 at 3:45am

Time To Move Out From Under The Oppressive Overreach Of Bureaucrats and Technocrats

They can be outsmarted. Good will always reign over evil, just like light cancels out the darkness. 

If you consider yourself a sovereign being created and given life by a Universal Divine Consciousness, our God of perfect love, then you would be moved by the rallies and protests happening worldwide. Standing up for their rights and freedoms that have been brutally stripped away, with ongoing mandates and enforcements that have people living in fear of the pandemic narrative. 

We have been living under this medical tyranny for two years now, and people are increasingly waking up to the real reasons behind this pandemic that has been in the planning phase for decades. If lockdowns, forced jabs, masks, and job losses due to mandates weren’t enough, the authorities now are trying to control the protests by freezing the protesters’ bank accounts, along with the people that donated to the cause. 

Image Source: Telegram

Global Freedom Rallies Targeted

The truckers rally or Freedom Convoy in Canada was the protest to start all protests globally. In late January,  the organizers of the trucker protest started a GoFundMe page to crowdfund everything the truckers would need. After raising $10 million, GoFundMe pulled the page under pressure from Canadian politicians.
When the GoFundMe page was taken down, another crowdfunding website called GiveSendGo set up a few campaigns for the truckers, vowing not to bow to any political pressure. After raising almost another $10 million, Canadian courts issued an order to block payments from the platform.
Around this time, a crypto crowdfunding website called Tallycoin started accepting BTC donations on behalf of the truckers. It raised nearly $1 million, which included contributions from high profile people in the crypto community such as Kraken CEO Jesse Powell who sent a whole Bitcoin, and Elon Musk tweeting “Canadian truckers rule.”


Crypto Community Outraged

However, it came as a shock to the crypto community when an Ontario Supreme Court Justice ordered to freeze all digital assets and bank accounts associated with the Freedom Convoy. Under Prime Minister Trudeau’s authoritarian orders, the RCMP blocklisted 34 cryptocurrency wallets. 

Brought about by invoking the Emergencies Act and amending it to include crowdfunding platforms and the service providers they use. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced,

“We are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payments service providers they use. These changes cover all forms of transactions––including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies… As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order.”

As mentioned in this report, it demanded that all FINTRAC regulated companies in Canada cease transacting with these wallets that affected over 25 BTC, worth approximately $1.4 million. However, the report stated that, while the police are eager to freeze any funds related to the Freedom Convoy, in all likelihood, this digital cash is far beyond the reach of the Government of Canada.

That may be the case for self-hosted or private wallets; however, centralized 3rd party wallets are at risk from a self-serving, overreaching authoritarian government with little regard for people and their civil liberties.

Upon hearing the news, Jesse Powell retaliated by tweeting,

Image Source: Twitter

Jesse was then asked if it concerned him that speaking his mind on Twitter could harm Krakenfx? If yes, then what does that say about America?

Jesse replied

“Yes. There's the risk of government retaliation. I'm less worried about the US government because US residents are heavily armed. You will never see widespread pet confiscation in the US, for example. I stand for human rights and believe that evil prevails when good men do nothing.”

When faced with the possibility that Kraken would be put in a position where they were ordered to freeze assets without judicial consent, Jesse replied that they would be forced to comply and could not protect you. He recommended not to keep funds in a centralized, regulated custodian wallet and to get your coins and cash out and only trade peer to peer.  

Image Source: Twitter

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice sent a Mareva Injunction, ordering Nunchuk (a multisig wallet) to freeze and disclose information about the assets involved in the Freedom Convoy.  Here is Nunchuk’s official response;

Image source: Twitter

“Nice one Nunchuck!” :)


What Is Happening In The US?

On the US front, Congressman Warren Davidson has introduced the “Keep Your Coins” bill in the House of Representatives to protect individuals’ self-custodied crypto wallets from United States government agency control. The introduction comes just a day after the Canadian government invoked the Emergencies Act.

Congressman Davidson has been working on the bill since 2016 and has the support of crypto colleagues such as Cynthia Lummis. However, he says that he finds it unbelievable that Congress won’t unite to end the unjust, immoral, and unconstitutional practice of civil asset forfeiture, calling it government theft. 

Image source: Twitter

As stated in an article by the CATO Institute, Many Americans may not realize it, but the same principles that make this attack on Canadians’ financial freedom possible are ingrained in U.S. law. Specifically, they are featured in both the Bank Secrecy Act and the ever-expanding use of the third-party doctrine

Holding cryptocurrency in a “self-hosted” wallet is the digital equivalent of holding physical cash in a traditional wallet. It gives the owner complete control over what’s contained inside it and the extent that they want to maintain their privacy. The same cannot be said of cryptocurrencies held in wallets or accounts maintained by third parties because, in the eyes of the federal government, relying on such third parties effectively waives an individual’s right to financial privacy.

So, it seems that financial censorship is a powerful force and even though crypto itself is uncensorable, the infrastructure used to interact with it is not. It means that it’s more important than ever for the cryptocurrency industry to create its own financial infrastructure. 

What happened in Canada is a warning for why money needs to be money, and under complete control of the sovereign individual. Not an instrument of surveillance or an attempt to censor the public where a governmental Emergency Act can be changed on a whim to suit the dictators. 


"We The People" Will Win In The End

Due to the fascism of governments the world is experiencing and the recent events, Markethive will have its own merchant account with its exchange to ensure complete privacy and anonymity. It also eliminates the threat of having your account closed or confiscated by authorities who feel the need to censor you and withdraw your liberties for whatever reason. 

Image source: Markethive

Markethive is building a fortress of an ecosystem to propagate the earth completely free from tyrannical forces and oppressors. This is a place for social interaction, with a sense of belonging, free from censorship and bias. It is a place to facilitate businesses with Storefronts and eCommerce, marketing, and broadcasting to disseminate your uncensored messages worldwide. 

Markethive is a home for all commercial artists where their creative content can reach billions and accumulate followers. There's so much more to Markethive, including the ability to earn an income just by using the platform. A sovereign income that cannot be touched by the evil forces upon us.  

As you may be aware, centralized servers can and do withdraw their internet access to any company or individual that doesn’t maintain their narrative. Markethive is perpetually working on a solution to bypass the centralized entities with a blockchain-driven distributed database capable of minting cryptocurrency, thereby creating an ecosystem for the community.

Empowering users with their own data and ways to earn crypto with applications built upon decentralized data networks increases trust between the individual and the platform. Blockchain technology is the underlying infrastructure of cryptocurrencies and distributed data systems, and the technology makes it possible to achieve a sovereign and autonomous environment and decentralized identity.

With its Maiar Wallet headed by Lucian Todea, the Elrond Blockchain Network is also ahead of the curve, committed to bringing a new wave of applications focusing on empowering privacy and agency by default for every individual. Maiar and Elrond stand as foundational layers to accelerate the transition and be an active part of the solution. 

Image Source: Twitter 


We Are In God’s Terrain Now

Both Elrond, as an internet-scale Blockchain and Markethive, the blockchain-driven social media, market, and broadcasting network, is concerned for those who suffer the economic and social harms from leaked data and lack of ownership of proprietary content. Plus, now the threat of having your livelihood confiscated (more to the point, stolen) by the so-called powers of illegitimate, marionette governments and the elites that pull their strings. 

This is a spiritual war between good and evil and affects everyone on the planet. By the power of the collective, universal consciousness, people are now seeing the evil in the world. Markethive is God’s terrain and built with Divine inspiration and guidance for the awakened who seek refuge from the tyranny of the oligarchs and technocracy. Markethive is an end-times project



Also published @ BeforeIt’sNews.com: global-unrest/2022/02/time-to-move-out-from-under-the-oppressive-overreach-of-bureaucrats-and-technocrats


Herb Ratsch Great article, Bev! It is a warning to us all, and a message of hope that WE THE PEOPLE have the power. Thank you! :-)
March 13, 2022 at 11:36pm
Bill Bateman I think we have a window of time to bring common sense back to government but that window is closing. We all need to be as involved as possible.
March 8, 2022 at 3:01pm
Mitch Romero That is sad that these so called democratic governments are trying to rule just like the communist and totalitarian thug governments.
March 7, 2022 at 7:21pm
александра63 Kaliulina thanks for the info deb
March 6, 2022 at 6:12am
Annette LeFort It is scary to think that a Prime Minister of a supposedly democratic country, Canada would actually think and act on such a devious, unfair and unethical tactic. May you be touched by the hand of God and His will be done. For our loving and peaceful Lord will save and protect His children.🙏🙏🙏
March 4, 2022 at 5:19pm
gennady57 Kaliulin thanks for the info deb
March 3, 2022 at 5:11pm
asadullah Thanks for sharing
March 2, 2022 at 1:09pm
James Eckburg Thanks for sharing Deb this info on this topic.
March 1, 2022 at 2:53am
M H Thank you, Deb, for exact describing of the situation
February 28, 2022 at 12:29pm
Caleb Mpamei The response of the Nunchuk team to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is one of the most satisfying part of this story. Thanks so much for the story.
February 27, 2022 at 8:04am
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