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MARKETHIVE - A Technological Revolution 20 Years In The Making 

Posted by Deb Williams - Editor on April 07, 2020 - 4:32am Edited 5/21 at 1:34am

MARKETHIVE - A Technological Revolution 20 Years In The Making 

A Lifeline For All Who Aspire To Work Online. 

The Entrepreneur Epoch Is Here 

Wherever you are in the world, you are probably experiencing a total upheaval of a lifestyle we have all been accustomed to.  As we move through this global pandemic, hitting us on two fronts, medical and health, plus the enormity of a very real financial crisis with governments handing out economic stimulus packages and hefty unemployment benefits never seen before. Although it may help us and attempt to keep the economy going in the interim period, where does that leave the global financial economy in the years and decades to come? 

The number of people choosing to work online in the hope of generating an income is and will continue to increase. Many are now working remotely for the company they are employed with from home, particularly in logistics, transportation, finance, and communication industries. Others have lost their jobs or been stood down with brick and mortar businesses either going totally online with the help of delivery services or in hibernation until COVID-19 passes. The massive economic, political, and sociological impacts of this pandemic world have the politicians, fiduciaries, and banks reporting they have never seen anything this bad. 

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A New Appreciation

This will change the way we have always done things. It will bring a new appreciation for what we have and the opportunities we never thought possible. The humanitarian nature and benevolence shines through these extraordinary and unprecedented times, a wake-up call for many and will generate a completely different outlook creating a new normal in a revamped world.

Just as restrictions like social distancing, rigorous testing, meticulous hygiene methods, and self-isolation or quarantine can help the medical crisis, now more than ever the technology companies can bolster the looming economic crisis. The whole world has turned to social media to keep in touch but what about marketers and business owners? The linear social media platforms aren’t always in favor of the vendor. For example, Instagram doesn’t allow external links in posts making it more difficult for e-commerce and local businesses to communicate with potential customers. 

On a global scale, we are seeing corporations, businesses and individuals helping each other and some big tech platforms are doing their bit to help small businesses by offering grants and ad credits to advertise on their platforms and that’s ok amidst the crisis everyone is facing right now. There is fear about whether the recession will take a long time to recover from, but I think it’s safe to say, although we’ve experienced a decline in spending due to the precarious circumstances in this present time, spending will resume and improve as we move forward into this new normal way of life, particularly online, in the not too distant future. 



Image by SparkToro - Rand Fishkin


Now Is The Time To Invest

It has been documented by pundits that investing during times of recession is a smart thing to do. Also, research shows that people who invest in marketing during a recession tend to more quickly outperform their competition as markets resume, so it makes perfect sense to invest now for the second and third waves that will inevitably come in the future.

We may well be heading for a recession but those that get it will invest in a platform far beyond the capabilities of any other marketing or social media platform out there as we know it today, ready and able to pioneer the next generation of platforms, with a more fair and equitable business model than previous. 

The Perfect Storm

This is the perfect storm for the next generation social and marketing platform, blockchain-driven, utilizing cryptocurrency to rise up from the devastation caused on all fronts. Called a Market Network noted by experts in the field, this is part of the new way of doing things. This is where complete sovereignty and financial freedom is not only possible, it’s probable.   


Markethive is the first Market Network and leading the way for marketers, business owners, all entrepreneurs, offering all the tools needed to facilitate any business along with a spirited community advocating collaboration in a blockchain-driven environment assuring privacy, autonomy, and sovereignty and all for free. This is a complete ecosystem where being able to generate an income is a reality. The Markethive system pays you to learn, it pays you to use it and it pays you to promote it. 

How is this possible? That’s easy. Markethive, with its own proprietary technology, built on the Blockchain with its own coin (MHV) is creating its own ecosystem. This allows Markethive to pay you in MHV for every activity you perform in the system.

It also runs on multiple engines. What does that mean?    

Markethive started out and is fundamentally an inbound marketing platform given to you for free, much like Marketo which charges up to $25,000 per month to use its services. Geared for huge enterprise-scale companies, Marketo sold for $4.75 billion to Adobe and faring well for the B2B market. 

But Markethive is much more than that. It’s geared for everyone, whether you’re just starting out in the online world or a business owner, writer, blogger, creative artist, an entrepreneur on any level. It not only plugs into all other social media platforms, but Markethive is also its own social media platform and digital news site. This lends itself to massive exposure and traffic required to succeed in any business online.


What Are These Engines? 

Social media and online marketing platforms or digital media sites typically only have one engine. LinkedIn, for example, only has a subscriber engine meaning they get their traffic through people subscribing to them so basically you have to log in to LinkedIn to see their platform. CoinTelegraph, a high profile digital media site, is predominantly a traffic engine. 

Markethive has both engines driving it and the engine’s speed and power are measured by Alexa and WorthOfWeb. Both these engines are growing daily in an exponential fashion as shown in the image below. 



These engines drive Markethive’s money machines, no actually, they’re YOUR money machines. So the free services at Markethive along with the Markethive Coin (MHV) are the fuel along with content which is a secondary fuel.   


What Are The Money Machines? 

The first money machine to be delivered is the Banner X, which is the banner system that the Entrepreneur One upgrades (limited to 500) get their share of impressions to sell on an exchange. The last foundation block for Banner X was implemented this last week by our engineers, so this means the launch of Banner X is just around the corner. Once it is rolled out and if there are any E1 subscriptions left, they will increase to $200 per month. Remember, all money machines are included in the Entrepreneur One Program, so lock it in now for $100 per month here, https://markethive.com/upgrademe

The next money machine to be implemented will be the Press Release Program and they will continue to be rolled out faster as our engines increase in power and speed, which will include a Boost Exchange, Video Advertising Platform, many different forms of advertising programs which are essentially money machines. So Markethive won’t be selling these programs, you as an Entrepreneur One will sell and profit from these various systems. Notably, Entrepreneur Two will receive all the money machines excluding Banner X. 


More Loyalty Programs Coming Soon

Later this year, Markethive will be launching loyalty programs similar to LinkedIn prices and services which allow more and deeper access to data. The first being the Apprentice which will be similar to the first level on Linkedin and will also include matching coin drops on your referrals. The next level is the Journeyman subscription which will allow you to access even deeper levels of data, more messaging capabilities, etc. 

There will be advantages to these programs, like increasing your effectiveness in acquiring greater reach for your endeavors, however, they are not money machines. You will always earn MHV coin at Markethive in whatever you do on the platform, but the Entrepreneur Loyalty Program is destined to be extremely lucrative. 

CEO Thomas Prendergast illustrates this very well in the video below... 


As Thomas explains, 

“Markethive is a vision, like a theme park for entrepreneurs. All for free. In fact, the system pays you to learn, pays you to use it, pays you to promote it. The Entrepreneur program will make you the money, a lot of money. I built Markethive for you. I was tired of your dreams being rained upon. Markethive changes all that. The Entrepreneur One program is very limited to 500. When we reach 500 we will be funded enough to go into warp speed.”


Markethive Is Not MLM

Markethive and all of its systems and money machines do not rely on ‘powerlines’, ‘matrices’, ‘binaries’ in fact any type of compensation plan that most of us know is what MLM is based on, and are fundamentally unsustainable, resulting in 97% of unwitting people failing to create a little income let alone a substantial one. This article shows a statistical analysis and the reality of MLM. 

Markethive is a referral company, like Paypal, Coinbase, even Facebook, and LinkedIn where users and subscribers join for the products and services and the social aspect respectively. What’s more, Markethive is your company, not run by any hierarchy raking in the profits at your expense. Bringing self-sovereignty, privacy, autonomy to every individual with a genuine opportunity to be in control of your future, fulfilling your potential, creating wealth and able to prosper in so many ways. 

No other platform or company is doing this to such a great extent. Starting out early with Blockchain technology, with its own financial economy along with every tool and portal imaginable to make Markethive an all-encompassing system where you do not need to go anywhere else for the added extras to compliment your marketing efforts and business facilitation. This is the new wave, the next generation of working online that ensures your success as an entrepreneur.   

More Good News!

You can also expect to have your own Hive Conference Room soon as the development of the HiveRoom portal is now back on the table. In fact, this coming weekend we will be conducting our weekly webinar in our own HiveRoom. Stay tuned for that and see you there!

The continued increase in revenue is accelerating these developments and we wish to thank all of those who support us to bring you your ‘state of the art platform’ that is much needed in these times for every single person seeking an online presence, financial and personal sovereignty with peace of mind. 




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Deb Williams
A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



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